Soul Genome

Soul Genome

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An artificial ghost almost sounds like one that doesn't exist, and believe me they never did in the first place.  No it doesn't refer to the active imagination of a young child, either.  These ghost are fabricated ghosts and are the rarest form of ghost to have ever been encountered.  It is basically is a ghost that is created from the ground up... like build-a-bear for souls.  

Normally, to accomplish this, a group of people get together to characterize what they want their ghost to be like, what it will wear, what it will do, etc.  They will create a name for the ghost and a narrative.  The group then combines their mental and spiritual energies. Sometimes the use of tools such as spirit compasses and Ouija boards are used in crafted and designing these spirits.  They use their energy to tell existence what type of ghost they want to create and as they are speaking the ghost is created in front of them, just like a archetype.  

There has been much skepticism over this type of paranormal being, with some ghost hunters saying this type of ghost doesn't fly in their books.  However, there has been substantial research and evidence of the process, all of which seem to conclude the same thing-- it may be a grueling , challenging process that can sometimes take hour and hours, but it can be done.  However, you don't have to take our word for it, you also don't have to wait hours.  These pieces allow you to draft and create your own souls and spirits as if you were playing the Sims or some other game like that.  You can virtually create ANY type of soul or spirit that you want.  Once you create the soul/spirit it becomes permanent, though. If you want it to bring you power, it can do that too.  You can even recreate people in history if you want to be able to talk to them and to gain their knowledge.  These pieces literally put the soul genome right at your fingertips. 

If you knew a bunch of ghost hunters as we do you wouldn't place much faith in a bunch of screams and insane people running around anyway. This piece at this time is for men only. There is a certain way this was made and can only be utilized by males. This is a very stong and powerful piece and what you can do with this is endless. Think about all you could create. What about the face of God,a cavavel of Djinn? A choir of angels? Your imagination is your only limitation.


Sterling silver,size 10 with a tiger eye as the stone. Very heavy and not cheap,quality made for a lifetime of pleasure.