Daoine Maithe

Daoine Maithe

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This item is a very simple piece, yet extraordinarily powerful.  It is a glimpse into the magic of Heaven and contains pure white light powers.  As written in the Bible, there was a time of great turmoil in Heaven.  This happened when Lucifer, the morning star, became envious of God and all of his powers.  He never intended to turn dark and evil, however, he thought that he was more suited rule Heaven than God was.  In his mind, it made more sense to use the magic that existed in Heaven to further the betterment of those who existed in Heaven.  God wanted to use the power to expand his benevolence with the creation of the human race-- to share the powers that the superior race contained with a group of beings that would be subservient and love him back.  

There were those who sided with Satan and then there were those who sided with God.  The winner of this war-- the doer of ultimate good and inevitably the strongest of the powers-- won, the victor being God.  As punishment Lucifer, who was previous sat at the right hand of God was cast into a great abyss, whereby his powers turned dark due to his misery and self loathing.   Ever since, Lucifer AKA Satan has been reaping souls to bring to his kingdom to Hell.  There he subjects them to his misery and trains them for the massive offensive that will take place during the end of times when Hell will live on Earth and there will be a time of great turmoil when the sun will turn dark and war will be waged on the face of the Earth.  

Then, there are those who refused to take side in the battle.  They wanted Heaven to remain as it was.  The pledge allegiance to God, but refused to take part in the epic battle that raged on.  There sins were not dire enough to be placed into the Abyss, so instead God banished them to Earth.  They became fallen angels that lived on the face of Earth, known as the Daoine Maithe.  They became fairies and nymphs, ultimately spreading the white magic that they had in Heaven throughout the confines of the Earth.  Again in accordance with many stories and legends, the did rescind to a parallel universe due to the fear of exploitation of their power by the hands of the human race, who was given an awakening by Satan after which they were banished from the Garden of Eden.  

The Daoine Maithe bare a striking resemblance to human form, leaving me to believe that they also were created in Gods image or perhaps they just always existed.  Either way, their magic is divine white light sorcery and can be used for just about anything.  They use their magic to adapt and create powers for any situation they might find themselves in.  

This item is a summoning piece that summons the presence of one of the Elders of the DaoineMaithe race.  It will allow you to summon and pull from the realms your own member of DaoineMaithe, which is the name of their white light realm.  You can use the angelesque being to garner full faculty over the divine sorcery which they were given from God.  With this sorcery you will be able to create your own white light powers and abilities.  Additionally, you will be able to psychically visit the realm called Daoine Maithe.  It appears as a cross between Heaven and Earth and ironically more resembles the Garden of Eden in the most perfect state of existence.  Here there are other beings that will be encounter, whose power you will be able to channel to use for whatever purposes their powers are used for.  To use the piece all you have to do is wear the item on your person to allow the powers to flow and merge with your own energies.  You will know when the time is right and then all you have to do is call through the realms to the Daoine Maithe who will become your guardian angel.  The rest will be history in the making.  The limit to this piece is your imagination and the ability to imagine any power you've ever wanted to come true. 


This piece is sterling silver and a size 7,gorgeous!