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Although they may rule and oppress the world, the good thing about secret societies is that they know where all the magic stuff is.  I mean their existence literally thrives on magic.  If they are not 100% encompassed in some sort of magic, they simply aren't satisfied with what they are doing.  In fact, some of the Elder Races, or those orders of Masons that have obtained immortality, survive on magical sustenance alone.  I mean, yeah they still need food to nourish their old bodies, but if it wasn't from the energy that there magic provided to their body, they'd probably just shrivel up and die.  

I found this piece in an abandoned building during a trip to Indiana.  It was somewhere near the Western border of Ohio.  I don't get over that way too much, so I don't really remember the name of the town that I had just left before I got lost and had to double back.  All I know it was some dingy little place with houses that look like they must've houses that looked old enough to have housed Revolutionary troops when Ohio was called Ohio Country in the 1700s.  It had a very small down town with a couple of mom and pop shops and one small little diner whose food wasn't even that great, but which I ate of near starvation.  Oh yea, there was a gas station, too, where some greasy old man came out and pumped our gas for us.  I don't know... it was like a time warp.  Maybe it was, because when I left the town I found out after about 10 miles that I was headed in the wrong direction.  I doubled back to try and find the shitty little town, to no avail.  

I couldn't find the town; however, what I found was far more interesting.  It was nestled between some trees on a hill and sat back in off of the road to where you had to travel down a small gravel driveway to get there.  The house itself looked like it could have been a rather fancy Victorian mansion at one point in time... or due to its current state a mental asylum.  Of course upon entering the building it was laden with graffiti, even had a pentagram in one side of the house drawn on the floor with spray paint.  However, more interesting was gnostic writing that I discovered in one of the mansions kitchens.  What's more interesting is that there were candles and candle holders in the place that seemed as though they hadn't been there very long.  They seem freshly burned and attracted no dust like the rest of the scummy old building.  

In the far corner I noticed what seemed to be a shrine and the most bizarre alphabet that I've ever encountered thus far-- although I'm sure there's something more bizarre somewhere.  Encased in a cedar chest was this item.  I saw it and immediately knew that there must be something up with the piece, because why else would it be enshrined as such.  I didn't feel the energy from the piece until later that night when I stopped to stay at some sausage motel-- that's what Deedee and I call them when they look like you run the chance of being killed by a Norman Bates wannabe.  I guess that I should've told you that I took the item, but I'm sure you could've figure out that much, being as though that's what we do... we investigate and collect.  

I called Deedee that night after I had my first experience with the piece.  It took me back to an ancient city that I wasn't really sure I knew a name for.  I hope what I'm about to say makes sense, but I'm going to say it anyway.  I was in bed that night trying to sleep but for some reason felt extra restless.  I could have sworn I packed that piece away in my luggage for testing at a later time, because I was exhausted from traveling all day.  However, when I looked over at the table that came with the room, the piece was there and it was looking at me.  I don't mean to insinuate that the piece had eyes, but it was giving me that same feeling that you get from a glazed jelly filled donut when you're supposed to be on a diet and the only thing you want to do is gobble down that morsel of goodness.  It sat there... staring at me practically calling my name. When I picked it up it was warm to the touch and pulled me through astral space almost like it was dragging me because it thought that I'd be reluctant or something.  

The city was ancient and in the sky there were flying discs that kind of resembled what a UFO would be, but not really because they weren't all fancy or flashy or anything like that.  The streets were meticulously arranged and there was an ancient race that walked the street that kind of resembled humans but their flesh was olive colored and translucent and you could literally see their organs at work in their body.  Their facial features were elongated and very distinct with noses that would put Barbara Streisand to shame.  The whole place had a glow about it and although I'm not sure where it came from, I could hear a soft, faint buzzing in the background like some sort of ancient power generator.  I don't know, I'm only guess.  The place was full of magic, you could feel it beating down on you like the sun beats down on your head in July.  I walked around, almost like I was floating, kind of like something out of the Jetsons.  I noticed many peculiar things, such as creatures that I've never before encountered, but the most bizarre thing was that alphabet-- the one I mentioned from earlier.  Those writings were everywhere, giving secret messages in a hidden codex that I didn't know the answer to.  My stay wasn't very long and I returned shortly after I arrived.  

The following week I began testing the piece with Deedee's help.  When we both arrived in the place, she was able to develop a psychic lead on the alphabet.  It is the ancient language is that of the City of Harappa.  Harappa was an ancient City in the Indus valley dated to thousands of years BC.  They city was so sophisticated and well planned that modern day archaeologists believe that this civilization was probably even more advanced than even the Egyptian an the Mesopotamians.  The alphabet and dialect remain shrouded in mystery, although after several times of using this piece, Deedee and I began to understand.   The mysterious disappearance of these peoples happened when they received an exodus into an alternate reality, where they existed in perfect form.  The magic and knowledge was given to them by a race of visitors from the skies-- the aliens of ancient times.  We know this because we were able to decipher some of the sacred texts that was written in what we believe was the equivalent of today's town hall.  

Either way, this piece is now up for grabs.  It will give you an ancient codex of magic that was the language of Harappa.  The codex was a language given to them by the whom they referred to as the visitors from the stars.  Not only will this piece allow you experience what their life was like in the mortal realms, but it will also allow you to decipher their ancient codex to be able to perform all of their ancient forms of magic and sorcery that was given to them by the visitors form the stars.  If you work with this piece, you may also be able to travel to their new plain of existence where they are preserved in perfect immortal form.  Deedee and I didn't have enough time to perfect this aspect of the item, but she assured me that if we had had the time to devote to this one item, we would've been able to fully crack the code and travel to their new realm.  This is why I need to make sure this piece goes to someone who is serious about their magic and devoted to pushing the limits of anything they ever knew.  They will gain this powerful form of ancient magic and sorcery but in return they should keep traveling back to the ancient Harappa and try to push into the beyond, to encounter these ancients as they exist currently.  Then, the holder of this piece will gain total enlightenment and even more magic.  The possibilities are endless as long as you are devoted to obtaining some of the most powerful magic that we have found to date.  The choice is yours and yours alone.  Dare to challenge yourself into the most powerful magic you've ever experienced!