Black Mass Massachusetts, Revelations Revealed
Black Mass Massachusetts, Revelations Revealed

Black Mass Massachusetts, Revelations Revealed

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So let me get this straight... Harvard plans a Satanic Black Mass? Well, it's not like I haven't been telling people that this kind of crap has been going on there for years, anyway.  Then, they cancel the Black Mass because people showed up and protested against it?  Where have these people been?  Stuff like this has been going on ALL OVER Massachusetts for god knows how many years?  I guess they figured that the state that at one point produced the most quantitative number of witch murders just washed up and came clean for dinner.  Oh, lordy, I bet to differ.  Listen, there are two types of powers in this world.  Well, actually three.  The first type is white magic.  It is the kind that is bubbly and fluffy and brings you magic that is-- you guessed it-- white light in nature.  Then, there is dark magic.  Dark magic is that scary stuff that nobody likes to mess because it has the taboo of being "bad", when in reality it is nothing more than unknown.  Listen, before God created the world during his most previous creation cycle, the world was devoid of anything.  There was no light-- just the unknown.  Therefore to say that dark magic in and of itself is evil is a misconception. It is the dark creatures and entities that use this magic to create evil output that has generated this stigma.  I mean, of course there are powers that are evil, but that is because they have been created that way.  The reason why dark powers are associated with evil is because this is the only type of energy demonic beings have, because they live in the dark.  White power can be used to manipulate others into doing things they don't want to do as well.  Think about love spells or mind control spells.  They do the same thing.  The final type of the three magics that there are is dual magic.  This magic has no preference over dark or light.  It is just magic.  It exists as it is and you use it for what it's worth.  The End.  

Therefore, I don't know why people get all creeped out when somebody says "Dark Magic."  It's when you say things such as evil or Satanic Magic that you really have to worry. If it weren't for the dark stuff, the white stuff would exist, which brings me to my next point.  If these people in Massachusetts are all "churchy, churchy" then don't they understand that Jesus Christ will deliver them from all situations?  My advice to them, then would be to sit down, shut up, and have faith is Jesus.  The boogie man isn't coming to get you.  Besides, God is bigger than the Boogie man.  I mean, do these people have some skeleton that's hanging in their closet that they fear will be exposed?  It is New England, so I would doubt it.  Magic and occultism run rife in this segment of the country.  The best part is that it has all been exposed to and mixed with Native American magic.  If you want to talk about some mysterious shit, then you should really give the Native thing a try.  Their magic will leave you astounded!  Trust me when I tell you!!

Anyway, these out criers need to come to terms with realities.  Satanic masses have been held at Harvard since the invention of the Skull and Bones society made there way over from Yale, in neighboring state Connecticut.  It is in these Ivy League schools where the leaders and tomorrow are bred.  I say bred because some of these innocent people go into these situations not really knowing what to expect, because they don't do their research.  They are thirst for that one break-- that one opportunity to give them the power that they have been seeking their entire life.  Why not accept an invitation to join one of the most elusive and clandestine groups in the history of America?  Then the person up, and give them Illuminati "enlightenment" during rituals that are called Rites, but in all actuality are Satanic Rituals that brainwash the new recruit, to pump them full of Illuminati magic, which was become so perverse from its original form in Egypt that it is now synonymous with the term "Black Mass of Satan."  These "Rite of Passage" as they are called have been going on since the 1800s and even before that.  Why do you think the first congress met in secret?  They were initiating a new class of recruits for their new government that would spread the Illuminati initiative of satanic magic, money, sex, and world control.  So far, I think it's been working, no?  I mean, America is the world's number one super power is it not?  They control NATO and the United Nations.  They are allies with the most influential members of the European Union.  They are ruling the world with their Illuminati Black Magic and I'm sorry to say it, people in Cambridge, but their Black Masses have been going on ever since the conception of their group in the 1800s.  You don't have to feel sorry for yourselves, though.  These Black Masses happen worldwide.  In fact, there's probably one being held right now.  They are breeding the next generation of the Illuminati Elite who will use their Black Magic to rule the world, to create a one world government, and to establish a one world religion.  It's all prophesy. You don't have to take my word for it, though.  We have proof.  

This piece is an original initiation relic from a Rite of Passage that was done on a spy that we sent to Yale to be initiated into the ranks of the Skull and Bones.  His account tells of gruesome initiation rites that include blood rite passages during which the members who were being initiated were decorated with rams blood, after which they had to burn the body and inhale the smoke.  The members that were already initiated held sexual magic passages with one another, which were done for the sheer purpose of magic not just the pleasure.  Let's forget the fact that they are all male.  It's no wonder they hold such a tight knit group.  After all these and other rituals come to pass, it is them that they light the black flame and a spirit who they call the grand master ascends to Earth through the flame.  Although this spirit is not Satan himself, I'm sure that it is one of his highest ranking dark angels.  The grand master gives the relics to the Master of Ceremonies who then passes the relics onto those who will receive them.  Our spy was one of these people.  I'm going to be quite honest with you.  After all that he had to endure, we almost lost him to the Skull and Bones.  However, these are the sacrifices that need to be made when you go undercover.  We were able to reverse all the brainwashing and magical deluge they had set upon him, by blasting him full of white magic-- not to sound contradictory.  White magic has a more spirituality healing nature than other types.  

As for the relic, we have kept that too.  Now is the perfect time to offer this item pending the ongoing events.  Why not put it up for sale when it's relevant.  Perhaps we'll catch one of the nay-sayers and prove them wrong?  Either way, this piece is an original initiate piece of the Skull and Bones that used to contain nothing but Black, Satanic magic.  We have since cleanse the piece and now it contains dual magic.  This piece opens up a realm that you will be able to peer into.  It will open up a holographic record that will play right before your very eyes, as if you were watching a movie.  It is with this piece that you will be able to elevate your mind to see all of the things that will happen in the end of time.  It will give you a play by play, as if you were watching a sports highlight.  You will be able to see all of the things that will happen in accordance to the Bible and the Book of Revelations.  You will even be able to see the things that are going to happen that are not recorded in the Book of Revelations.  If you think the prophet John knew it all, you were mistaken.  

There is much more to know.  However, this piece will obviously give you explanations to questions such as who is the Antichrist, what is the beast, what is the number 666, When will I know the tribulation has begun, who is the harlot in the desert?????  I mean the list could on and on and on.  Seeing is believing.  Well, consider me a believer then, because I've seen this piece play out right before my eyes.  It actually feels like your are there in the midst of it watching it unfold.  I'm telling you, it's better than an IMAX Theatre!!  This is all thanks to the Black Masses.  You see, Dark Magic balances out the white and vice verse.  In the end, it all works out.  I've managed to make a negative into a positive.  This relic is an amazing item that you do not want to miss out on!


Bottom line is the ritual or mass that they were going to show you is just that,for show. I have been to the real deal out in the woods on Indian Cabin rd in Jersey and I can tell you,it's all for real.  It is the place I caught my first full form spirit on camera. This is the place of a death and human soul destruction that is a real black mass. The sad part is the way they hold their noses  AS IF they are the ones in the know when in all of reality they arebeing laughed at,life is short but eternity is forever. This is a snake with emerald green eyes and does expand to fit a normal size finger. This piece will need to be activated. I have tested this myself and I'm going to tell you what I saw. Usually I don't but what the hell as that is where the world is headed anyway.


I saw so many of you who lived stuffed in prisons as if you were criminals. I saw one of my customers who had preplanned but forgot the magic part go down with a wife who turned him in. I saw pure evil,smelled the stench of perversion and watched parents turn on thier kids and vice versa. I saw flooding of people heading towards the underground all in suits and ties,most of them black or blackend,it was hard to tell. Either way this piece will offer you a way out,a way to save yourself which at first we knew nothing of. I saw a great angel with a flaming sword in hand coming for me who knew me by name and called out to me until I turned around. He/she said to me,turn and save all you can,and then it yelled at me SPEAK,SPEAK,SPEAK AND USE YOUR TONGUE!!!! I knew then what the angel was saying. I hope you all do too!