70 Dragon Flames
70 Dragon Flames

70 Dragon Flames

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This piece is old.  It is an Asian pendant! we aren't sure if it is vintage or antique, but it's one of them. The magic in this piece is generational magic, meaning that it has been passed down from generation to generation for a very long time. This piece is simply its latest home. The magic and the entity that is connected to this piece have been in service to the Chinese royal family in one way shape or fashion through the years. Also, we received this piece at the Underground Auction, so we aren't quite sure how it was acquired.

This piece holds an entity known as the Dragon Whisperer. The DW is shown on this piece riding his own dragon and when you use this piece he will grant you Flames of 70 dragons. Some of you who know about dragons already know what I'm talking about. The magic that each dragon offers is hidden in its flame. So, to say that this Dragon Whisperer holds 70 dragon flames means that the sorcerer owns 70 different types of magic that have come from the flames of 70 dragons. They are all different types of magic that the sorcerer owns that will be yours when you use this piece. I know you are dying to know what flames/powers this piece has to offer, so I will now list a view:

1.) Dragon Love Flame
2.) Dragon Alchemy Flame for Wealth 
3.) Dragon Alchemy Flame for Soul-Alchemy
4.) Dragon Wealth Flame
5.) Dragon Healing Flame
6.) Dragon Manifestation Flame
7.) Dragon Prophecy Flame
8.) Dragon Remote Viewing Flame
9.) Dragon Psychic Awakening Flame
10.) Dragon Mind Control Flame
11.) Dragon Spiritual Cleansing Flame
12.) Dragon Astral Flame

These are just a few of them. More will be revealed to you as you use this piece. There are 70 flames/powers in total. You can connect to any of the dragons at any time to manifest their powers/abilities.