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The Little Girl in the "Window"

Michelle's parents went out for a business dinner so they hired a babysitter to watch her.

“Can I have some ice cream?”, Michelle asked after supper.

“Sure” the babysitter, Shelley said. “Where’s the freezer?”

Michelle said, “In the basement, so are the nuts, cherries and candy and stuff.”

When Shelley went down to get the ice cream, she looked out the window to see a little girl standing outside. This didn’t strike her as too suspicious and she simply brushed it off.

After she had given Michelle her ice cream, Michelle asked, “Can I have some hot fudge on this, please?”

“Of course,” was the quick reply.

After Shelley went back down into the basement to retrieve the hot fudge, she looked back out the window to see the same little girl, only wearing a red cape. She absentmindedly wondered if the girl was playing dress-up as she trudged back upstairs.

“Got it,” she deadpanned after setting the hot fudge in the microwave and putting the thick chocolate goop on the ice cream.

“Can I please have some nuts on this please…?”



“Fine…” she sighed already heading back down the stairs. As she got the nuts out of a small cabinet in the wall she looked back out the window to see the same little girl in the red cape, holding a knife.

As she ran upstairs she decided she was calling the police.
“Ooh Thank you!” Michelle squealed happily from her perch on her pink Disney Princess booster seat.

“Uh-I-I yeah. Hey, Michelle, I need you to-“
“Oh no! Can I have a cherry on top, please?”

Not wanting to alarm Michelle, she decided that she would go get the cherries, then call the police after locking herself and Michelle in the bathroom. There’s no way the little girl could get inside if the windows and doors were all locked.

After slowly descending down the stairs, she opened the freezer with shaky arms.

Daring to peek out of the window, she closed her eyes before staring out it. The same little girl, in the same red cape, holding the same knife was there. Only the knife now had blood on it.

Running up the stairs, scared of what might await, she checked on Michelle. Michelle was dead, a small pool of blood forming on the floor under her.

She ran into the bathroom and locked the door behind her before dialing 911.

When the police arrived, the tearful mother and father were with them. The mother approached Shelley, sobbing uncontrollably. “What happened?”

“Oh God- I’m sorry oh God! I-I saw this little girl with this red cape and a knife outside your basement window!”

The mother said, “We-we don’t have any basement windows, only mirrors…”

The sickness of the situation ate at Shelley and she eventually ended her own life as she felt so incredibly guilty.

Shelley's spirit is within this piece and will be your protector. As a spirit, realms above the Earth, she can watch over and see everything as it is... no longer being confused by windows and mirrors. The fire in her spirit was lit from her guilt to enrich the life of the one who has this piece.

Protect yourself and your family by having the vantage point of a great "babysitter" that will impart knowledge upon you if something it wrong. She will ensure that you are in the right place at the right time so things will not happen without your knowledge~!