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This is the piece that will rock your world. It will defy all means and take you to a whole new stage of existence, where the whole foundation upon which your existence has been created will be rearranged and rendered invalid. It's okay though, because you will be completely enlightened and set free from this mortal prison that most are held in, where you can only think certain thoughts, or perform certain actions.

Meet "Megan," from whom we obtained this item. Megan used to live a normal life. She went to college full-time while working a part-time job, so one day she could graduate and liver her own version of the American dream. She was your typical all-American girl until one fateful night. She was driving home from a friends house. It was a deep Autumn night, you know, the crisp kind that aren't cold but aren't really that warm either. It was this night that her life changed forever.

Megan had been studying at a friend's house for an exam that was coming up the following week. It was approximately 11:17PM when she left her friend's house, which was merely 3 miles outside of her college dorm.

Megan was driving along when she noticed a bright light up ahead in the road. She wondered if there had been some type of accident, however as she neared the light she realized that it wasn't on the road, it was actually hovering over the road. There wasn't really much for Megan to do at this point. She told us that she recalls seeing the light on the belly of the ship. The best way she could describe it was to say it was like an insect being dazed and magnetized by a bug-zapper light. She felt peace and calm by gazing into the light. She was content and all her troubles and fears were completely gone. The next thing Megan remembers is waking up in her car just after four in the morning. She was wearing a necklace that she hadn't been wearing the previous night. She was confused but she took it with her, anyway.

She was really stressed out over the event, but her life had to progress, so she did what she had to. She began becoming really tired at night. She became so tired, in fact, that she was sleeping 10 or 12 hours a day. That's when the dreaming set in.

At first, they were just random dreams like her in a field or something trivial like that. Then, when the field made way to a more barren land and large mounds began to take the shape of pyramids, she was confused once more. Then, came the dream that led her to us. She dreamt that she was in an Ancient Egyptian Hall, deep beneath the surface of the Pyramids.

In the Hall she noticed a being teaching the humans-- instructing them in hieroglyphic communication, giving them intelligence, and teaching them magic. They also laid out the schematic for the the way the pyramids were to be designed, with distinct correlations to the North Star. Megan had many other dreams like this, at one point insisting that her body had been entered by an extraterrestrial force. There were sometimes hours on end that she would forget about happening. The most scary experience for Megan came when she missed class on a Monday, because she hadn't even remembered waking up Saturday morning. The following Tuesday, after opening up an email from her teacher, she really didn't realize this had happened. The dreams and her experiences continued to happen.

Megan was not used to things like this, as she has kept a practical touch and approach of scientific reasoning. She was actually kind of creeped out by it. She didn't really know how to take it. She surrendered the the piece to us, and we began working with it immediately.

This item is a missing link between the Extraterrestrial and the Real 4400. The Real 4400 refers to a group of individuals who have had a portion of their lives stolen without explanation. The phenomenon is known as missing time, and while there has been Hollywood adaptations of it, the base story is very real. The truth of the matter is there have been over 4400 cases of missing time. Megan is just one case of this happening.

We have been working with this piece to reverse some of its stipulations. We have modified the power in this piece to work in a similar but different way. Using this item, you will be able to establish a solid connection with an extraterrestrial race of beings. You will be taken to their intergalactic realm, where you will given their intelligence and knowledge. This ring is the energy that will allow you elevate yourself to a level that will allow you to become one with your inactive alien DNA, which will allow your intergalactic third eye to be awakened and will come full swing.

You know it's interesting because I was having a conversation with my friend the other night who was taken into a dark realm, where God spoke to him and told him that there actually are alternate planes of existence. However, they were not meant for humans. Human minds are very dependent on their normal existence without any interference... it's the way we were designed, so that way we rely on God for higher intelligence

However, this item sets your mind free and allows you to view existence as is it really occurs. It allows you to break free of the cycle... to exist above the influence. It allows you to embrace the powers of the universe, as other life forms have, to give you the magic and alchemy of the Cosmic Flow. You will gain a third eye connection with a race of extremely intelligent extra-terrestrials, who have been trying to make contact via human vessels for centuries now. Isn't time you break free-- experience existence outside of our human box? Then, this piece is for you!!