Resurrecting Samson

Resurrecting Samson

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Significant headway is being made in the small ancient Jewish village of Huqoq. The placement of an ancient synagogue is being excavated by a team of archaeologists. The temple was built with beautifully cut stones, suggesting that the synagogue is expansive, although nothing definite has come yet because only the Eastern wall of the temple has been unearthed. However, substantial artifacts have already been discovered in the synagogue, which dates back to somewhere between the years 400 AD and 500 AD. The artifact in question are mosaic stone artifacts that have been kept in nearly perfect condition. They depict the story of Samson from the Book of Judges in the Old Testament of the Bible.

The glittering mosaic of colored stones are done in great detail by quality workers. The mosaic artwork comes from a time when Israelites were facing tough periods of oppression at the hands of the Philistines. However, this temple seemed to be doing just fine. The art work depicts a scenic rarity of Samson tying torches to the tails of foxes and sending them to the Philistines fields to ruin their crops. It was the redeeming fire of God that Samson, who was given super-human strength to redeem his people from Philistines, send off on the crops of the Philistines. It was all downhill for the Philistines afterwards, as they were plagued with the curse of God.

Asides from this feat, Samson defeated and killed a lion, defeated an entire army of 1000 with only the jaw-bone of an ass, and knocked down two HUGE cement pillars, to kill the officials of the Philistine empire, thus toppling their oppressive regime in Israel. The holy influence gifted to Samson by God through the Holy Spirit was recorded and stored in the Mosaics that were found in the Temple at Huqoq. What significance does this bear? We sent Adita on a midnight excursion and power acquisition quest. As always, she returned quite stunning results, which is this item that you see here. The power in this item has been extracted from the ancient, mosaic temple stone of Samson. There are actually fossilized chambers of God's Holy Fire, crafted into fine rocks and used to commemorate his might warrior, Samson.

This item holds the Holy Fire of Samson. It is the fire that was given to him by God that gave him supernatural human strength and wisdom. The item conjures the spirit of Samson who will come to you from the spiritual realms to become your personal protector. Samson will protect you on the spiritual front from all bad spirits, bad karma, evil beings, soul suckers, and those types of things. He will be like your personal guardian angel. Under the protection of Samson, the Israelites way of life was reinstated and preserved. It was because of his strength that they were able to, once again, enjoy peace and prosperity. In the same way, once he has cleared your path, Samson will instill a sense of inner peace and freedom into your life. He will give you the gift of accrued wealth and prosperous financial gains and returns!! This is all a white-light energy, so you will feel guilt free about using it to obtain spiritual and financial gain and security!!

This ring is sterling silver and Samson is real and looking for a home where he will make it very comfortable for everyone in it. We did hesitate to place this one up because of him holding that Holy Fire. We actually did not set out to test this piece but it did happen on pure accident. I have always just spoke to him and kept him holy or meditated on the Holy Fire that he possess. Yesterday I had a meeting about a home in Pa where the house held slaves that were abused and because of that it drew demons into the home. A little boy did levitate, eyes of humans turned black with possession and all sorts of evil took place. We are not done with this home yet but I can tell you that Samson did save me from a horrible ending. This is a great piece for someone that wants only white light but yet needs a helping hand in many aspects of their life.