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I'm sorry it took so long to get these on but I didn't have all the info until Sunday evening. This gives you one piece of hair which will be split in half. You will get half of it and the other half is kept in case you lose the first one. 


This hair is one of the items that come out of the crystal pyramid that has been found underwater. As I have told many in the past there are at least three of them that I know to exist. One that sits in the sky that only certain people can see,one under water and one in Asia that is surrounded by a lake of Mercury. This hair comes from one of the pull out crsytal blocks inside of the pyramid.


This hair holds your past as BEFORE it was even created. The entire truth about the pyramid is not yet known but we know about the hair due to using it. I myself just got my piece through FEDEX this morning and you feel the immediate surge when you hold it. Now I would suggest that you get something to keep it in so yoou do not lose it. It seems that as long as you have it on you your feeling and gaining the power slowly.


There is also a duplication pull out that holds nothing. This block you place items into aloing with calcium and those pieces will then bear your true gifts. These come in various metals and you can ask for them if you want one of those. Those are 300.00 and they work fast,almost as if you absorbed it.


This listing is for the hair which will allow you to remove any blocks and allow you to remember the past lives you had. If you want to gain the power,the one TRUE power that you were given as stars,that is a term found inside the pyramid you would want the 300.00 piece. I will also copy this listing and send it out in an email because there is not a lot of time to get these and they can really change your life. Mine,funny enough was healing! I now can do this with a simple touch so I'm excited about it. If I could I would open up a doctors office. To tell the truth I wanted something like mogul of cash!!! But I got healing and along with the hair realized why that was to be so I'm now very happy. Who knows what you will get or how many things you will get. I will open up a healing service very soon and I know that it is so good that it wil spread by word of mouth. As soon as I know if I can heal animals I will open that up.


So for now your payng for the hair but if you want the power piece or what is called the True power or the Star path then you want the 300.00 one.