Swartalfheim: Revenge of the Dark Elves
Swartalfheim: Revenge of the Dark Elves

Swartalfheim: Revenge of the Dark Elves

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Norse Treasures of the Nine Worlds

These pieces actually happened as a mishap.  In fact, they were never supposed to happen at all.  I met some girl named Brenna at a rock concert at a venue local to where I'm from.  She was pretty neat looking, but kinda grungy looking.  I don't really know how to explain in properly.  She had that kind of hair that look like tree roots and her clothing was the most obscure thing you could have saw.  She work dark black eyeliner and mascara, with a a foundation that was overly pale.  She almost looked as if she could have been married to Rob Zombie or something; but she looked pretty cool and I instantly clicked with her.  We talked for a while and somehow got on the subject of magic, to which she looked at me and laughed nervously.  She proceeded to tell me that she didn't want me to think she was crazy but that she was actually a witch.  I didn't think it was crazy at all; in fact, this only made me more fascinated by her.  I was so interested in her magic workings that she invited me back to her apartment to see some of the stuff she does.

When we got there I wasn't surprised when I began seeing some weird things.  First thing I saw was some snake skin floating in a jar.  There were some herbs on her bar counter and down in one corner I noticed that there was some chalk and a star sign schematic.  She did tell me that she was a white witch and judging by the energy in her home, I could tell that what she had told me was the truth.  She hit me with a curve ball, though, when she told me that she specializes in Norse magic.  I definitely didn't see that one coming.  I thought maybe like a Earth witch or something, but she was definitely a Norse witch.  Her name, Brenna, is actually Norse for of the sword.  Her witch name, which she prefers to go by when it deals with anything magic is Hertha, which simply means powerful woman.  However, up until this night I don't think Brenna (or Hertha) realized exactly how powerful she was, when she pulled out a piece that she told me was called, "the oracle."

Brenna proceeded to tell me that she didn't really understand, herself, the powers in the item that she calls the oracle.  All she knows is that when she first got into Norse witch craft that she was given this piece by her coven mother, whose name was Olga. Brenna herself, although it is hard to believe, was changed into an immortal witch when she was 35.  She will be celebrating her 114 birthday with her coven soon enough, although she doesn't look a day over 30.  She must have looked young in the mortal life and it carried over into the immortal.  I don't know.  Getting back on track, I don't think that even Brenna knew the power that she had found with the piece she called the Oracle.

Using the Oracle was a rushing surge of energy.  That's the only way I know how to explain it.  It's like a surge of adrenaline and fear of the unknown, but excitement to discover it, all rolled into one exciting package.  According to Brenna this was the first time the Oracle delivered such amazing results so she thinks is has something to do with the combination of her magic and my own.  I, myself, am not really sure why the Oracle decided to be so vivid that night, nor do I really care. The fact of the matter is that the powers that I obtained that night are of the utmost strength.  They are like normal magical pieces on steroids, but then again the Norse people (you know, the Vikings) were kind of the "go big or go home" type of people so when dealing with Norse magic, you should expect such.

The night that I met Brenna the Oracle flew us through the Nine Worlds.  It was kind of like the ghost of Jacob Marley when he delivers Scrooge to his three ghosts and he gets a chance to visit the past present and future as a person on the outside looking in.  We go to experience all of the Nine Worlds and more.  There are many pieces that I obtained that night, so there will be several listings under this title.  The title will vary slightly based on the experience that the piece brings for the user.  These pieces are extremely powerful and 100% authentic.  They are pieces that I obtained from the actual realms themselves.  They aren't pieces that I created or pieces that I put power into.  They are pieces that I pulled from the different places that the Oracle took me to.  In the description I will outline the place that the power comes form and what the power will do for you.  You want to make sure that you read each piece in its entirety because this collection of pieces instills a great degree of power and unique power at that.  You don't want to miss your chance at one of these amazing items of this collection.

 This next realm takes on a more sinister tone.  It is the home of the counterpart of the light elves.  They are, of course, called the dark elves and their home is called Svartalfheim.  If you can't pronounce that, it's okay.  I had a little bit of a difficult time learning it myself.  However, that doesn't take from the fact that the realm is full of magical divination; and, although the realm tends to be a bit darker that that of the light elves, the magic that is in this realm is actually a form of dual magic, not black magic.  I mean, the elves that reside here can actually be a little bit pesty and malevolent but in the general scheme of things they surely aren't the most sinister things in existence. Those would be the fire giants, who are essentially the equivalent of demons. 

Anyhow, the dark elves hate the sun so they live in the murky underground.  They are hideous in appearance, resembling the kind of creatures that would give children nightmares.  In fact, this is the other name for the dark elves-- mares.  The are often times responsible for causing nightmares not just in children, but in everyone.  Mares are also capable of possession and would haunt and possess both humans and animals alike.  When exposed to the sun, the mares instantly turn to stone, this is why the piece that we are offering summons a mare to you, it will not allow the mare to manifest itself to you at all times.  It will only appear to you at night. 

By now I'm sure you are asking yourself, "Why would I ever want to own something that is maleficent and hideous.  Well, the answer is simple.  This item is an ownership item.  When owned by another being, the mares tend to be very loyal and if you can get over the whole "face not even a mother could love" thing that they have going on, the magical favor that they have to offer is actually pretty useful more multiple reasons.  You can know that this item will never bring ill will towards yourself.

Rather, it will bring you the magic of vengeance and trickery.  With this piece you will be able to summon your dark elf and set them loose on those who have done wrong to you.  They will exact revenge upon the person you tell them to by causing non-violent trouble for those who you set them lose on.  They won't necessarily hurt the person.  However, they will cause bad luck and nightmares, as they are infamous for.  This will allow you to know that karma will definitely unfold on those that have done something wrong or unjustified to you.  You can pretty much sic this elf on anyone you want, but like I said before, Karma's a Bitch. 

The second way you can use this piece is by using it to control the minds of others.  Just as the Dark Elves are able to inflict mental nightmares upon their victims, you will gain the same magic to inject thought forms into another persons brain.  It doesn' have to be a nightmare and it doesn't have to be while the target is sleeping.  It will literally let you take over the mind of anybody who isn't shielded by some type of magic.   In this way, you can get people to give you want you want, get them to carry out the activities you want them to perform.  You can use this power for an whole bunch of different reasons, because it's power is pretty versatile and can adapt to all situations.  The object?  Total mind control, or as stated above vengeance for those who have done you wrong.