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This is a refreshing piece to write about.  I haven't really written up an items lately that have been the result of one of our own investigations.  A lot of our pieces do come from other places or from investigations that we didn't actually do, or from investigations that we didn't actually take part it.  This is okay, because we get a lot of powerful items from these types of scenarios.  However, the excitement and accomplishment of gaining an item form our own investigation is a rush, so we do a lot of our own investigating too.  In fact, this piece comes from an investigation that we were on in Massachusetts, not too long ago, but not that recently either.  The item has been pretty much waiting for us to list it, but has been marinating in its own powers, so the results are a very epic, powerful piece.  

The piece that we are offering is very lucrative.  It is packed with power and the first sighting of that creature that is attached to this piece came when a 17 year old in Dover, Maine claimed to see an unusual creature lurking by the sides of the roads.  on his way home.  He said is wasn't just like a drive by thing, either.  Every few miles, the boy could swear that he saw the same creature, almost like the creature was traveling faster than the speed of his car.  He had several other passengers in his car, who were asleep and weren't able to see the creature, unfortunately.  However, his friends could tell that the driver was shaken up at the paranormal experience. 

The teenage boy drew a sketch of his being and just hours later, another report came in about another teenager who had a run-in with the creature they were now dubbing the Dover Demon.  The second child's account came when he walking home form his girlfriend's house when he encountered a being that fit the prior description with its arms wrapped around a tree.  The being was staring at him, through red beady eyes.  He said the creature was calling his name, but he didn't go near the creature for obvious reasons.  He attested to a faint smell of smoke as he walked past quickly. 

The final report of the beast came from a friend of the first child who had seen monster.  She also saw him on a drive.  The story eventually began to be seen as a hoax, as no hard evidence of any type of creature fitting the bill of the description has ever turned up... at least until we turned up to go on investigation there.  The first impression that we got when arriving in the small town was that there was something not right in the town.  By not right, I mean it reminded me out of one of those small, creepy towns out of a Stephen King movie where there's something sinister going down and everyone knows about it, but nobody ever does anything about it-- mostly because they are all in on it. 

On the very first night of our investigation things went awry and we got glimpse's of the "demon" as we made our way through the woods around where the beast was thought to have lived.  We couldn't catch it that particular night, but we knew that we were hot on its trail, so we stuck around.  The second night was nothing, and the third night was blotchy and mixed psychic signals, so there was nothing to really report.  However, on the fourth and final night of our investigation, we came face to face with the being.  It stood maybe six feet to seven feet tall.  It looked like a solid form but was a black smokey mass with eyes that burned like flames.  It smelled like rotting carcasses and death, with long crooked fingers and pointed up feet.  That's all I remember, because apparently it seized my body as a means to communicate with Deedee. The general gist of the conversation went something like the being asking Deedee why we were pursuing it.  She told him out of mere curiosity.  He was pretty astounded that a human would actually seek out the being given the fact that most were scared of it. It turns out the being is an ancient Djinn that has made the area surrounding Dover Massachusetts its home.  He was actually summoned to the area by an escaped witch of the Salem Witch trials.  He said that's why he takes the appearance that he does, because the witch created his physical manifestation that way to scare away those who were trying to persecute her.  As for the djinn himself, he's neither good nor is he bad... he's dual.  He admitted that he likes to mess with mortals every once in a while for the sheer joy his amusement.  He doesn't exactly want to make friends with mortals, but he's not out to cause them any harm either; but hey, I guess even the immortal get bored sometimes.

Either way, he left us with a Small orb of energy that we later put into this piece.  The piece itself is the Djinni lamp pin. It has a tail of stars a moons, which represents the fact that you are receiving a universal djinn piece.  It gives you the ability to see into the realm where djinn exist and birth your own djinn based on the prototypes that you see in the realm. In the realm, you will encounter a number of abilities, as there are many types of djinn.  This is a piece that is pretty much freestanding, meaning you can design whatever type of djinni you want, give it any power you want, and have it appear any way you want.