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This ring is very important to me, because it is a piece that we have been working on for a few years now.  It hits home because not only is the piece a personal project of mine, but it hails from my hometown of Pennsylvania.  It is a piece that is associated with a group that most would call sinister, but I call magically inclined.  You have to understand the mindset of the people at the time.  The South wanted to keep their slaves.  The North didn't want to keep slaves, or so they will tell you.  The Civil War wasn't fought over slaves, though.  Propoganda of the the 1800s led slaves to believe that there was actually a concern about their safety and well being.  If you have half a brain, though, you will know that the government doesn't really care about you at all-- regardless what color you may be.  All they care about is their secret underground agenda.  The North made this big stink about slaves and then freed them all.  Why?  So they could fight in the war!  What better way to get people to fight for you than to give them their freedom, which they should have already been entitled to anyhow?

These men may seem like tactical geniouses, but the North was being controlled by the group that produced the leaders who rebelled against England and won independce.  I'm not talking about freedom fighters either.  I'm talking about the Freemasons.  We all know that they Freemasons met in a secret meeting in Philadelphia to draw up the charter upon which the United States would be based.   They also drew up their own indocrinations, a form of magical magna carta, if you will.  They designed jewelry and other insignia in which their powers were placed so that way the powers could be called upon later.  They held secret ritual meetings, sacrifices, killings, hunts, and all other types of crazy goings on in capital buildings and town hall buildings and other types of buildings, usually in chambers that were hidden deep underground. These chambers were designed for these types of things. 

Anyhow, my point is that people want to rule the world.  They get these crazy ideas inside their head that if they create secret societies that they can keep the power among the elite.  However, when the elite disagree, then what happens?  There is bound to be some type of dissension among the group, which is the real reason behind the civil war.  Taxes and tariffs and embargos were all set in place around a government that was really north-centric, meaning that the South was still fledgling territories.  The leaders from the North got jealous and started placing taxes on the South as a means of controlling their productivity that way they would never grow to a point that would allow them to gain more power and momentum than the original 13 colonies, which had obviously now become states.  The elite of the secret societies of the South withdrew from the Freemasons, which is something that you really don't want to do.  It's kind of like "there's only one way out of this group," and we all know what that is.  This is what started the war-- a scurvy that was fought over which region held the most power, not whether or not slavery was moral.  Even until this day, people praise Lincoln for starting a movement that freed slavery.  I mean, I'm glad that slavery no longer exists, but trust me-- it was a move to appease the people and to get them to fight on his side. 

Here's the juicy part of my story. One breakaway sect of the Freemasons who happened to also be secessionists saw this as their chance to capitalize.  They fraternized with a global group of elitists who had been founded by the mystery schools of the Graeco-Roman time period, who practiced a very Hellenistic form of magic, which is my opinion is probably the most poweful form of magic to be had.  The magic is kind of all-inclusive and contains trace of all types of magic from Egyptian Illuminati, to Roman paganism, to Greek sorcery and alchemy.  This group of individuals, who found a stronghold in America adapted the magic to form their own secret society that would come to be known as the Knights of the Golden Circle.  The Knights had grand plans of overtaking Mexico, Central America, the South, and the Carribbean Islands.  They knew that there was a lot of money and power to be had in this region including Voodoo Magic, Santeria Magic, Mayan Magic, and more.  They also knew that there was a TON of treasure to be found in the Carribbean sea, as pirate ships were constantly crashing off the coast of the United States.  They wanted that treasure and needed their magic to get them power.  They needed power to gain resources.  At the beginning of the Civil War they would lobby voters to be pro-confederacy and not Pro-Union.  They even went as far as standing on the porches of voting destinations to heckle voters into voting their way.  I mean, from their stand point it was like, you gotta do what you gotta do.

The Knights of the Golden Circle's roots ran deep, even here in Pennsylvanian, my home state.  They set up secret meeting places, where they practiced their magic and enforced mind control tactics upon people in the Union, even going so far as to change the mind of the Pennsylvania German, who were once pro-slave.  Then, they became anti-war.  Then they became indifferent on slavery but really didn't want the war going on.  They were called the copperheads.  You can research them if you'd like.  They played a very key role on the battleground fronts here in PA.  The Knights could care less about the war or slaves, themselves.  They were simply trying to capitalize on the nation's weakened infrustructure.  Capitalize they did.  Little known to anyone, because it wasn't recorded in any history book.  The Knights of the Golden Dawn set up meeting houses, the same way the Freemasons did, only they did it inconspicuously as to not be found out.  They called their meetings in plain homes, which they referred to as castles.  These castles were located all over the country and the Knights almost won total control over the country in the battle that was going on in the background.  Things got intense and that is when one of the Knights of the Golden Circle, John Wilkes Booth assasinated Lincoln and his group completely fell apart.

The Freemasons called up the Motherland and in came the Royal Family from England.  You don't mess with the royals, they are the prototype.  Shortly after this, all three generals from the South surrendered their factions.  The final naval force was surrendered in Liverpool, England and the war was over.  You have to be impressed with the Knights of the Golden Circle, though for putting up a fight against a secret elite that has strong roots in the country.  After finding all this out by doing my own research for the mere fact that I'm a history buff, I found out that that there was actually one of these "castles" located close to my hometown-- maybe about an hour and a half's drive away.  I can't really tell you where the castle is because technically I'm still an enlisted part of the Knights of the Golden Dawn, whose group supposedly came to an end in the 1900s.  I can tell you that this notion, for sure, is a fallacy.  In fact, the Knights of the Golden Dawn are still alive and thriving.  Their numbers are smaller and they have no plans of a world takeover anytime soon.  However, the have meetings and rituals just the same as they always have and the power of their magic has not dwindled in the slightest.  They still practice their magic til this day, which, again, is a form of magic that was handed down form the Hellenistic period and the ancient Graeco-Myster schools.  Without drawing out the story too much longer, when I went to see the building that supposedly "used" to be a Castle," I found myself amidst a group of the magically adept with a power so great that I don't think I've seen anything as powerful in a long time.

The Knights agreed to let me in, only after I showed them the magic that I was already capable of, ofcourse using a piece that Deedee had given me incase the shit hit the fan.  They were impressed with the magic I had, so they knew right off the back that I was going to offer something valuable, or so they thought.  Basically the reason why it took so long to get this piece is because I had to earn my spot as a third level Knight, which is the most powerful knight there can be.   I was then given this ring to solidify my belonging.  This is what I'm offering, this ring.

This ring is an original of the Knights of the Golden Circle.  It will give you serious insight into the magic of the ancient worlds.  It inlcudes such magic as telepathy, mind bending, mind control, alchemy (both physical and spiritual), spells, curses, incantations, summoning, telepathy, and many more.  There are really just too many to list.  It is the magic that almost took over the world and being second only to the Royal family is a pretty good characteristic.  In addition to it's quantitative power source, this piece also provides wealth powers.  I told you before that the Knights of the Golden Cirlce exist for power and riches.  This ring contains spells that will float wealth in your direction.  It will come in all forms, so that way you can gain the wealth that you've always wanted with minimal effort.  I know the ring is kind of small, but there are only so many made, and they only allow as many members as there are rings these days, so consider yourself priviledged to have of these items (if you are the lucky buyer!), because they are very exclusive.  You will never find another one of these again.  I can pretty much guarantee you that much. 

If this power is something that you feel like your interested in, please let me know ASAP.  Again, there is only one of these rings available and it sells first-come-first-served.  I don't anticipate it being available for very long, due to the fact that it is so rare and so powerful.  If you're interested, don't hesitate, buy it now so you are guaranteed to have it!.