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Evil is all around us.  It is quite apparent.  I mean, all you really have to do if you want to see that Satan lives everywhere we are is turn on the television and watch the news.  Do not be dismayed, though.  This is all part of the good plan that will eventually allow the New Jerusalem to fall to Earth in the end of days and the beginning of the new age.  Until then, we are kind of stuck in a little bit of a limbo where evil kind of dominates the Earth and is disguised in many different forms.  One form in which evil is manifested to the world and isn't so disquised is spiritual possession.  Most people today dismiss this type of evil as a hoax, or with the development of psychology, people dismiss these occurrences as mental disorders.  I can tell you, from personal experience, though that spiritual possession is a real thing and it is a serious thing.  People don't just wake up one day, speaking perfect Latin if they've never once studied it.  There's definitely something going on there; and it's happening more and more in our world. 

The Vatican has a special team of priests that are set apart and devote their time specifically to ridding people of the evil forces and demons that have afflicted their life in one way shape or form.  They are the Vatican's personal team of exorcists and there are only six of them.  It is the highest level exorcism that is that sanctioned by the Catholic church.  Of course, there are other levels of exorcism that one can go through before they call this team of exorcists in for help, so typically by the time somebody is in need of one of the Vatican's exorcists, shit has alread hit the fan, so to speak.

The leader of Rome's Six is aname that goes by the name Father Gabriele Amorth.  He is the world-renowned leading expert in spiritual warfare.  He has performed some 70,000 exorcisms in his life time. And no that number isn't stretching the truth at all.  That's a lot of demons.   He has pretty much seen every different type of demonic possession, and for the most part conquered it.  He has a pretty good rolling track record. 

Father Gabriele takes none of the credit for himself, though, humbly suggesting that he learned all of hs tricks from his teacher, Father Ugo Poletti.  According to Father Gabriele, he was visiting Father Poletti when he was assigned to assistant exorcist on the spot.  Father Gabriele objected at first, but after a small period of time was able to help perform one of the most famous exorcisms of all times.  It was this day that Father Gabriele says that he saw the Angel of the Lord as he healed the inflicted and the angel pushed out the evil.  Since then, Father Gabriele said he has found his calling.

The piece we are offering isn't a piece of Father Gabriele.  It is acutally a piece that father Polleti used himself during an exorcism in Poland.  The piece is a cross with Black stones set into it.  It isn't the actual crucifix that was used to perform the exorcism itself. Rather it was a piece that given to the afflicted to keep the presence of the Holy Spirit with the afflicted until his tribulation period was over. The exorcism was a success and the child has gone on to living a perfectly normal life since then.  The piece has not particularly been sanctioned by the Catholic Church, but has been made by the magic of Father Poletti.  It is just as powerful as the original pieces that are used by Catholics during their empowerment ritual. 

Either way, this cross necklace is what we are offering on this listing.  It was been soaked in both holy water blessed by the Pop, ironically, and dipped in the blood of Jesus Christ, which the Vatican keeps hidden in a secret chamber.  This piece is extremely powerful and can be used in one of several ways.  You can use it to ward off evil from your soul.  You can also use it to peform exorcisms.  While, this piece isn't an "official" excorcism piece, it holds just as much power as one of the originals.  It is the perfect protection piece, because it contains a the very breath of the Holy Spirit that is used to commands demands and tell them to remove themselves from whatever body is infliced, and return to the pits of hell, where it belongs. 

This piece will allow you to speak to demons and all spirits for that matter with authority.  It will give you the rare ability to use the white light wizard, because you are receivng the breath of the Holy Spirt that  has been breathed upon.