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To everyone reading this listing.  We have a bunch of products like this one.  This is an item that may have seen on the website before.  For whatever reason this piece has either gone out for more testing, has been loaned out, or was sent for further research.  All of these items work superbly.  Even if you've seen the listing before, be careful to re-read the listing.  Many of the items will have an update found at the beginning of the listing.  Some of the items are more powerful than we thought they were and some of them have even more powers/abilities than we realized!

Each person is different.  We are all on different paths in life; this means we all have different wants and needs that we must fulfill as part of our human destiny.  Some people want power. They are the types of people that set out to be kings and royalty.  Then there are those who want to be famous like movie stars and rockstars.  Some even set out for that old fashioned emotion-- the warm tingly feeling you get when you want to be with somebody badly and they also want to be with you-- called love.  Then there are those who are after spirit journeys to gain as much magical ability as possible.  No matter what the desire and goal is, no matter what you crave in your life, there always seems to be one common denominator, one thing in common that people long for but is always just out of there reach.  This one thing is wealth.  That's right folks, good old-fashioned moolah!  Listen, we could sit here and talk about what people want all day long, but the fact of the matter that is even if money isn't ohe of your desires, your desire requires some type of financial gain in one way or another.  Even a romances requires money-- dates, weddings, etc.  Money makes the world go 'round.  This statement couldn't be any truer now than it has been for years and years.  Wealth is just one of those things that everybody wants.  Nobody has ever said, "I want to be poor"  Even the monks live in their own type of luxury.  It might not be what we consider luxury, but to them it is a gift from God... trust me. 

When dealing with wealth there is one entity that keeps coming up over and over again.  It is the ancient being known as a dragon.  No matter what you think of when I say the name dragon, you are probably right.  There are many different types of dragons, just like there are many races of humans.  Each dragon will bring its own type of powers and ability, however there is one thing that ALL dragons will bring.  That is extreme wealth.  Any dragon piece that you buy-- whether it is from me or another buyer-- holds a wealth power that will come to you once it is unlock.  The pieces that I'm offering as part of this colleciton already have the dragon wealth powers unlocked.  They just come from a different type of dragon, from all parts of the world. 

By now I'm sure you are wondering how we got to get our hands on these many different types of wealth dragons.  Actually, it was by accident.  Deedee and I were testing an astral travel piece when we came across a realm, where there are nothing but Dragons.  The skies were filled with them, as the soared by.  I can't remember what piece were were testing, but I kind of think that it was one of the shattered Earth pieces, where Deedee and I were able to go bend time and go back into different lifecycles of the Earth.  Just like humans go through lifecycles so does the Earth.  Somehow-- and believe me I know that is sounds strange, we slipped through some sort of loophole in both time and existence.  The result was us ending up in this realm of Dragons.  Til this day we don't know what in the world the name of this plain of reality was called, so we chose to call it Draconis Speluncam, which literally means Dragon's Den in Latin.  We love the way Latin sounds, plus it kind of gives the place a magical feel so that way it sets the stage for what is about to happen-- which is a complete remodel of your life.  This collection of pieces will totally and wholly give your life a transformation.  More about this later. 

Anywho, these pieces are ones that we found in Draconis Speluncam.  Rather, I should say these pieces were at one point in time true living creatures of Draconis Speluncam.  Deedee, somehow, was able to use a form of magic that she recently picked up to turn a few of the dragons form this realm into the pieces that are being offered in this series of wealth dragons-- and the dragons are just that, designed in such a way that they are used for wealth.  I mean, I'm sure after you develop a bond with your own dragon that you can go other places and venture upon other horizons.  However, the first and foremost power in these pieces is the astounding power of wealth that each one has in it.  These pieces are like a gravitational pull that will attract wealth for you and before you know it you will be living the lifestyle of those people who you watch on television and think, "Damn I wish I could be like them, " or, "damn I wish I had the things they have."  Not to be vain, but we've all been in those situations before.  I mean, something as simple as a car commercial can throw us into a frenzy about how we'd love having that car; why not have it?  Or an episode of Wheel of Fortune has you a longing for a vacation in Tahiti-- why not take it?  Wealth doesn't have to be greed.  We all deserve to pamper ourselves, so use one of these pieces-- our very own collection of wealth dragons-- and bring yourself the wealth you know you deserve. 

The set of items in this collection refers to a type of dragon that goes by the name Quetzalcoatl-- Que for short. I know that it may seem difficult to pronounce, but it you bare with the pronunciation you will see that there is so much more behind this dragon that the wealth piece.  I will call him Que for short, because it is a lot easier to pronounce that way.  Que is actually an ancient dragon of the Central American pantheon.  By being able to grab him up, we were very fortunate.  To begin with Que is the ancient guardian of a city called El Dorado.  El Dorado is the city of gold that has been sought out by many and found by few.  An occasional soul has claimed to come across the city of El Dorado, always with no proof.  The city has otherwise remained elusive since the time the Spanish Conquistadors first realized that the city of Gold existed.

Quetzalcoatl is the ancient Guardian of the City of Gold, called El Dorado by the areas first "New World" visitors.  He guards the city simply because he rules the Mayan and Aztecs as the Gods of the Divine and Universal knowledge.  He holds all the secrets that there are to know and the whereabouts of this city?  Well, that would be a secret.  He knows, you do not.  He can help you know this secret, but he will take it one step further.  In serving as the God of arts and crafts for the Mayan people had a particular affinity for gold.  He would bring them gold from the city of El Dorado to adorn their temples and pyramids.  This gold the  is the purest form of gold that you will ever be able to find.  Although Que will never bring you this same gold, because he will only appear to you in his spiritual dragon form, he will use this same concept to float across the realms and bring you energies with which you will be able to paint a gorgeous canvas of wealth.  It will bring you wealth in a variety of ways.  I don't really need to get into listing all of these ways, because if you are lucky enough to be the one who chooses one of these pieces, you will witness them.  They work and they work well. 

Additionally, the Dragon Que is the God of Divine providence and keeper of all secrets.  You know how many ancient secrets the Mayans hold that can bring you a vast array of powers-- pretty much any that you really request.  Que, in being the holder of divine providence, holds the keys that will unlock these doors for you.  He will be your liaison, not only to the most vivacious wealth powers you could possibly experience but also different forms of magic that have been kept only among the Priestly Mayan Elite since the beginning of time.