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Skull Collector
Skull Collector

Skull Collector

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There is a man who is known as the Skull Collector.  We can't give out his name, as he has agreed to give us this piece only if his identity remains completely anonymous.  He has agreed to go by the name Skull Collector though, and why not?  That's a pretty cool name, I think.  Either way, he does not wish to be identified due to the nature of the business that we will be discussing.  He prefers to live a secluded lifestyle in the mountains somewhere in Pennsylvania, which is honestly the only reason that I know the man. 

At a young age the skull collector began collecting skulls.  He was fascinated with them and viewed them a form of art.  The first skull he ever collected was that of a steer from a nearby farming community.  He began collecting the skulls of any animal that he could find.  He has an underground lair that he calls the Skull Lounge, which is really where he keeps all his skulls stacked from the bottom of the flood to the ceiling.  All in all he has amassed a collection of over 7,000 animal skulls.  Impressive right?  He's been collecting these skulls since he was about 16, he is now in his late 80s, so just over 60 years.  

Like I said, if you thought that was a good collection, then you will love his other collection.  In a wild turn of events, after meeting the skull hunter I found out that he is also a vampire hunter.  What does this mean?  It means that he also has a  collection of vampire skulls that he keeps locked up in the basement as well.  The common knowledge of the 7,000 animals skulls overshadows the secrets that he really hides in his collection of vampire skulls that he has amassed over the last 60 something years. 

You'll find it completely ironic that the Skull Hunter, an acclaimed vampire hunter as well, actually owns his own vampire that he keeps as somewhat of a pet.  I mean, he treats him good and they have developed somewhat of companionship.  It's kind of like the white guy in American History X and how he came to love the Black people at the end.  He hasn't hunted vampires in years, but he does have quite the collection and I will explain what he does with them. 

Each one of the vampire skulls is attached to an immortal vampire soul.  The soul is floating around somewhere out in astral space, traveling the realms as do most souls when they are severed from the physical body.  Look, I don't care what type of creature you are.  You can destroy a physical vessel, your not going to destroy a soul.  A soul is an energy form and energy can not be destroy.  Sure, it can dissipate, but it can never be destroyed.  Trust me.  I know these things. 

Anyhow, each one of the vampires skulls from his collection hold a magical correlation to a vampire soul.  Each one of these souls have a unique and distinct power/ability.  Essentially, his vampire pet that he keeps is the liaison that acts as the ambassador of power and translates each of these powers to his master.  This basically gives the Skull Collector an abundant and never ending source of infinite powers-- well at least for a many skulls as he has.  Some may be duplicated.  I'm not sure, I haven't worked with this piece long enough to go through each and every power that it will bring you. 

Ahhh, yes that's right, the piece.  Actually, I should say pieces, because there are more than one of these bad boys.  The power in them replicates the vampire pet of the Skull Collector.  There a duplicate form of the vampire will be placed into these items.  He will act as your vampire ambassador of knowledge. He has a vast library and network of knowledge in his vampiric brain, because he has been working with the vampire skull collection for so long.  I think there are upwards of 300 vampire skulls.  That means that with this power you are going to be constantly learning new things and constantly gaining new powers. 

As for the bone collector.  He's still doing his thing with the animals.  He has stopped hunting vamps though,because he has realized that not all of the are blood-sucking leeches.  Just like with humans, you have your good and you have your bad.  He still collects animal skulls, but he makes careful sure to use the whole body of the animal and not to waste... it's the life of a huntsman!!  Again, please don't send emails asking who the Skull Collector is.  He is anonymous and I'm not going to tell you. The important part is that we got him to agree to make these pieces for us, which are incredibly powerful-- I mean, obviously.  With that being said, I'm just going to go ahead and say that these will be available for a limited time on a first-come-first-served basis.  If you think that this is an item you would like to have, don't putz around about it, because I guarantee they are going to sell like fresh hot cakes!  Enjoy!