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The story of Baby Doe Tabor has seduced America for more than a century. Long before her body was found frozen in a Leadville shack near the Matchless Mine, Elizabeth McCourt "Baby Doe" Tabor was the stuff of legend. The stunning divorcée married Colorado's wealthiest mining magnate and became the "Silver Queen of the West." Blessed with two daughters, Horace and Baby Doe mesmerized the world with their wealth and extravagance.

But Baby Doe's life was also a morality play. Almost overnight, the Tabors' wealth disappeared when depression struck in 1893. Horace died six years later. It is noted that one daughter left home never to return; the other died horribly. For thirty-five years, Baby Doe, who was considered mad, lived in solitude high in the Colorado Rockies.

Baby Doe Tabor left a record of her madness in a set of writings she called her "Dreams and Visions." These were discovered after her death along with a small grave baby. This grave doll captures the spirit of a son that was still born at birth. The couple longed for a son to take over the mining business and after their baby was still born they were devastated; they put all the dreams and aspirations into the grave baby. The spirit of this piece embodies the knowledge of a mining mogul; the ability to multi-task, take charge and succeed. After the loss of their boy, Horace and Baby Doe suffered from severe depression and their aspirations and hopes were absorbed by this piece.

The reality brought them to lose a lot, including their wealth and the success of the mining business. You have the chance to own a piece of history; the success that once shined upon the family can now be obtained by you!

Caring for this grave baby will allow it to release its abilities to succeed! You will gain insight and strength in your career path and allow you the outlook that Horace and Baby Doe had when they were on Cloud Nine living the ideal life of luxury.

Since finding this baby (you can see he is at rest, arms at his side) a woman that has been empowered with great voodoo knowledge looked this over and gave it more power to use the body as a conjuring vessel. Because so much energy was placed into this piece it can be used as that. Energy so strong is what makes much magic a possibility.

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