Watch Where You Walk/F*/done

Watch Where You Walk/F*/done

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Marge and Karen were walking to work at a local mill and had taken a shortcut down some nearby alleys when they suddenly heard a distant humming sound, unusual for that time of day. Suddenly a light shone down on them from above. They both stopped to see a light over them getting larger and larger as it approached. They both became dizzy and disoriented. Their next recollection was arriving late for work and still very dizzy.

Later under hypnosis Karen remembered moving towards a light and then finding themselves in a white room surrounded by windows and lying naked on a table with a cloth over her legs. The other woman was in a table next to her. Several short thin humanoids now appeared, with tiny ears, huge black eyes and have three very long fingers, and they are not wearing any clothing and have white skin.

At one point the little humanoids inserted a long glass tube into the witness navel. They also pull her hair. Later they placed a cup shaped device on her head. She was then taken to a wall where a large screen appeared. One of the short humanoids pushed some buttons and various geometric symbols appeared on the screen, later scenes of war and destruction appear.

At this point the witness notices other beings in the room. These are described as very tall, and human like with long blond hair, blue eyes and wearing a silver suit with a blue "badge" on the left side of the chest area. The badge is a circle with a triangle next to it and two zigzag lines next to the triangle. Her next memory is of finding herself back in the alley along with Marge who looked dazed.

Marge also recalled a similar scenario under hypnosis and also remembered seeing Karen standing next to a tall beautiful blonde woman in a silver suit and blue badge. Marge remembered the blonde woman shooting a laser of light into ring that Karen had been wearing.

Each woman listened to the other woman as they were under hypnosis. Karen's eyes got really big after hearing about what Marge said the woman did to her ring. Karens ring was a sterling ring with a blue-green rectangular stone. It now had red running through the stone. She had no idea what happened to bring about the red, but now she knew!

They contacted our business to see if we could determine what had happened to the ring. We performed several rituals to test the piece. We learned that it holds extraterrsitrial secrets and spirits of destruction. The ring is almost like a time bomb that will go off at the time of World domination. You do not have to be afraid to wear this piece because in its state it does hold abilities; it allows you the power to understand the energy given off from those around you and will bring you the awareness of conspiracies and government secrecies!

Karen didn't want to be the owner of such a powerful connector, so it is now for sale to you~

This ring is the connection piece between the realms of extraterrestrials and humans --- if the ring beings to turn entirely red then make sure not to wear it --- this is the signal that doom is near!

Deedee just yelled her PMSing head off and told me I have to add ALL info which I do! But here is a little more. karen was a real bitch and did not give it to us,we had to buy it. I also can not use the ritual word,we tested it,not did rituals on it. The testers were Dave,Victor,asshole Danny,Deedee and Aaron was on some killing spree somewhere. I think Deedee is pissed off because in the wash her stars came off her sneakers and she is throwing a hissy fit. I think Lindy just took a head injury. I'm so glad I'm not a woman!

SO............................this item was TESTED!!!!!

1- Asshole Danny should have had a probe in his ass but instead he saw meetings in which altered reality was being placed upon the human race. He also saw huge giants that seemed thousands of years old. Danny does not hit the pipe and even though a true blue asshole, he does his job well.

Deedee I'm not adding all this in. The item works and you know it.

PS. Flamie,I just read this. Mike print as you see!