Snake, Rattle and Roll/F*

Snake, Rattle and Roll/F*

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A woman, her husband and child were in their car driving along the country road when suddenly, the woman seated behind her husband yelled out, “watch out for that snake.” The man slowed down as they focused on a black snake about four feet long that was slowly moving across the road ahead of them from right to left. The head of the reptile was in the center of the roadway. The man told me that while the creature looked like a snake, it did not slither like a snake, but instead, was “gliding real slow.”

Suddenly, something happened that the witnesses are still trying to explain. As the couple watched, the body of the snake broke apart into approximately eight individual creatures. The man related that this happened quickly, almost as if it exploded. Each creature was about four inches in length, but stretched up to approximately six inches as they moved. They were tubular shaped, with no tail, and charcoal black in color. The fellow said he was unsure if there was hair, but what might have been hair was of a “shiny wet” texture.

Each creature seemed to have four feet, two on each side of the body. The feet were hard to describe, since they were black, the same color as the body. They did not notice any eyes. The wife told her husband that she could see the mouth of one creature, which was wide open. The vehicle stopped about ten to twenty feet from the creatures, which were “moving individually, erratically, and extremely fast in the road.” The creatures moved like inch worms with the back hunched up and then stretching flat, growing at least two additional inches in length each time they moved.

Then all of the individual creatures positioned themselves to form a perfect solid black circle in the middle of the road. At that point, an additional similar crawling creature came out of the grass from the driver’s left side, and with extreme speed, joined the others in the circle. They then apparently all joined into one snake-like form, as no space could be seen between the units after they joined together. Then it moved very quickly to the left side of the road into the grass from where it had originated from.

The entire incident was estimated to have taken place in five to ten seconds. No unusual sounds or smells were detected during the experience, but the windows were closed at the time. The man drove the car forward, as they looked to the left trying to see where the creature had gone. They quickly hurried down the road and out of the area.

The witness explained that “the event was surreal, like watching computer generated graphics or animation”. Soon after the event, the wife drew pictures of the creatures, and sculpted what she saw with play-doh. Various reptiles, insects, and animals were researched on the internet to try to find an explanation, but none fit the various characteristics of what was observed.

They contacted several companies trying to find some kind of answer to what they saw. Most places thought they were prank calling them and others simply didn't want to be bothered. A girl I went to college with told me this story and I told her that we deal with mysterious things. She knew the couple and told them that Haunted Curiosities would investigate for them. They hired us and we travelled to Gary, Indiana to investigate.

I personally am terrified of snakes and spiders, so I was dressed in multiple layers with a mesh net covering my face; it gives me chills up my spine just thinking about what we found! Deedee, Lindy and I were travelling down Burr Street when we spotted a black serpent in the street. I told Deedee to lock the doors, yuck, I was horrified.... ghosts and spirits I am cool with, but this was just scary!

The black snake like creature presumed to do the same ritual that the couple said; we tried to take pictures but the camera would just show black orbs. While the serpent started to reconnect we got out of the car and with a backpack full of equipment, and a knife in my hand, we followed into the woods where the creature went.

We found a nesting place for the being; Lindy was brave and started poking at the nest with a long stick.... the nasty black creature broke into pieces again and scattered away. Thank God they didn't attack us! Anyway she poked at the nest and found that inside there was a shrine to Medusa. Deedee took a small stone that had Medusa'a image carved into it.

when they started messing up the shrine, I started running for the car; I was worried that we would be killed, and I had to save my pretty boy self. Anyway, thankfully, Deedee and Lindy returned to the car unharmed and with the Medusa stone. As we were about to drive away the black snake creatures reappeared and started to form a circle again, Deedee floored the car and ran over a few of the snakes --- I almost threw up.

Medusa had been beheaded by the hero Perseus, who was sent to fetch her head by King Polydectes of Seriphus as a gift. With help from Athena and Hermes who supplied him with winged sandals, Hades' cap of invisibility, a sword, and a mirrored shield, he accomplished his quest. The hero slew Medusa by looking at her harmless reflection in the mirror instead of directly at her to prevent being turned into stone. When the hero severed Medusa's head from her neck, two offspring sprang forth: the winged horse Pegasus and the golden giant Chrysaor.

These offspring bred the creatures who were trying to embody a ritual to gather their powers in the woods. The stone that we found holds the powers that they were channeling. They have had to have been there for centuries and no one ever noticed. I mean not too many people would actually follow a nasty dark creature. There isn't much we won't do!

The stone grants the powers to the person who bestows it the ability to change the appearance of things and the power to freeze time. The freeze frame power allows you to freeze the present for a matter of seconds; long enough to collect your thoughts or change an issue you might forsee. You will not be able to turn things into stone, but freezing the energies in time will allow the same desired effect --- you can control the moments for what they are worth.

We had this power stone set into a wire that will allow you to wear it as a pendant, a bracelet charm or even a use it as a keychain. Channel your visions with Medusa and her serpent, dark creatures will unleash the powers in the stone to enable you the power to change and freeze things and time ~

This pendant is carved with Medusa. This is an antique and over 100 years old.