The eyes tell all

The eyes tell all

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The eyes tell all

Everyone always thinks that their baby is the cutest thing, they are just perfect! Well we have encountered many children who simply were not cute, they were scary!

The eyes tell all about a person; they are the vantage point to showcase the soul. You can sometimes tell at a young age the kids who will grow up to do bad things, get in trouble and commit crimes as an adult.

Many families of serial killers are good people; they raised their child with proper etiquette, rules and regulations. The child could have had an amazing childhood, but the elements of control were implanted before the child was even born.

There are so many risks and things that you should, or shouldn't do when you are pregnant -- the rules and findings seem to change all the time!

We have discovered while working with a harridan that the traits are born into the child and most times come forth no matter how great the parenting is. The energies of the connection that occurs during sex proclaims aspects that interject component reprimand.

In the moment of passion people are not thinking about chemical forces and energy formations that merge upon the joy they are experiencing.

We tested this idea in a lab with researchers and worked with couples who were okay with their sex life being monitored.

Equipment was discreetly placed in luxury hotel rooms where they were given free nights. They knew their energies would be tracked and recorded, but there was no video recording equipment.

The couples involved were all interested in having a baby -- each time they were having sex they were on a mission!

This proclaimed our chance to follow the ideals of learning if exerted energies caused traits in a child.

After months of testing, we had 3 pregnant couples. They only had sex in our suites, so we know we captured the conception energies. After narrowing the conception date we tracked the sessions and were able to emit the levels of energy exertion.

Out of the the three couples one had extremely elevated levels of phylogenetic energy when the male orgasmed.

After waiting for all couples to have their children, which took 14 months --- because they all conceived weeks apart... anyway, the children were tested and the couple who had the high phylogeneitc energy had a baby with beady eyes.

The other children were fine, so we stayed with the couple with the baby with an odd array of sight for over 2 years, monitoring their child and how they progressed in life.

In the mean time the couple had gotten pregnant again, there kids ended up being only 18 months apart!

When the new baby was born, Alexa, the older child, Michael was a little devil. He tried to push the bassinet down the steps with his sister inside of it; he threw all his toys on top of the baby when the mother quick ran to the bathroom; he was simply mean and evil toward others around him, especially the baby.

Michael was simply a bully, he just had this look that showcased darkness and pure intent to be harmful.

This endeavor took years of research and output of testing, but yielded amazing results!

We were able to utilize the factoring energies to preclude that the phylogenetic energy is a factor in bad kids --- it is not always just the terrible 2's... some kids are simply bad and devilish; they will grow up to be menaces to society.

These emblems are convected with ultimate enzymes that will prevent you from sparking energies that will prevail you from fortifying your chemical balances into your offspring; this prevents a negative outcome with your child.

These are pure pieces that have been invoked and tested --- even if you are not planning to have a child anytime soon, they are phenomenal items to have to prevent an oops pregnancy that will result in a demanding, demon-like child. There is nothing worse than finding out you gave birth to a child who is evil... you will spend the rest of your life trying to love a child that will just not listen or amount to anything; do not let this happen!