On the sexual hunt?

On the sexual hunt?

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On the sexual hunt?

This piece was found in the Greek Isles by Adita; it holds within it a female Centaur.

Centaurs appear as the archer in the sign of Sagittarius, and wherever they appear they are noted as the symbol of lust. They use their arrows as immense power of sexual desire.

The arrows signify ejaculation, as well as their hunting prowess. Centaurs are half horse/half man hybrid. Centaurs used to live wild on the mountaintops, they would eat raw meat and if they consumed even a drop of wine they would become extremely intoxicated.

This piece will bring you balance and power within your soul. The Centaur knows that the brute force and lust that they represent needs to be balanced with spiritual power.

The Centaur showcases the constant struggle in human beings between spirit and matter. Uadine, the female Centaur in this piece will bond with you and clear the struggle to bring you intuition and knowledge as well as extract the powers to give you better control over your conscious and unconscious.

Uadine will shoot you with her arrows and inject her sexual juices upon you; this will make you more explosive in the bedroom while bringing desire into other aspects of your life. Basically you will not be consumed with thoughts of sex all the time... you will have the power to accomplish more things with the balance that she will instill in your life.

Even though your sex drive will be a bit more under control, when you have a lust filled moment it will be out of this world!