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This is a very simple piece.... simple not in that it isn't powerful, because it is... rather, it is simple in that the basics are easy to comprehend. The piece was made in conjunction with Grizzelle and a witch consort that she keeps in Europe.

The spell in this piece has been cast three times for an extra boost of energy. It is inhabited by a creature known as Padfoot-- he is a white light hound companion. A padfoot is a creature most common to Leeds and Yorkshire. It can take any form, really; but most of the time it takes the form of a dog.

These dogs are not predatory, but unless you are its master, it is not recommended to approach them as they are very territorial and loyal to their masters.

In fact, that is what this piece is all about... your own padfoot protection spirit. It will appear to you in the form of a large white dog with crystal blue eyes. The spiritual powers are in the eyes. which are the windows to their soul and hold all the protection powers that you will be getting along with this item.

This piece is sheer white light protection on all fronts. It protects against dark forces, evil forces, any type of malicious or demented energy that is directed towards you or your soul. It will steer the energy or forces away from you and send them three fold on those who sent them.

This piece is the ultimate protection piece as your dog will be very loyal to you. It is said that a dog is man's best friend. This is understatement as far as this item is concerned. This entity will be your protector sent from the white light realms with one purpose-- to be loyal to you, it's owner.

A side note: this piece will also allow you to practice its magic, which is a raw, original source of white magic alchemy from across the white light realms.