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It came straight from the horse's mouth. This isn't one of those speculation things, where we are saying, "we thing this," or, "We think that." What I am about to divulge is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

The fact is that too many people put their trust in the government. The second fact is that the government is not your friend it is your enemy. Well, at least the perversion of the NWO is. For those of you who don't know what NWO stands for, it's the New World Order. They have been, and currently are, following through on a secret agenda to achieve total control of the masses.

According to an expert, who chooses to remain nameless, because of potential retaliation from the NWO, there are a network of secret underground bases and cities that have been constructed by the NWO as command points, once they take over the entire population.

In these bases the NWO has established contact with an Extraterrestrial race that is constatly feeding them new technology and advanced psy-ops methods, including new ways of mass mind control and ways to completely invade the minds of the masses to erase their minds and render them subservient zombie drones.

There is also a certain base that exists in Texas where the harvest and manufacturing of Corbamite aka Element 140 is being harvested. The powers of this element are extraordinarily power and include the ability to create dark matter and manipulate cosmic energies. There are also other compounds from the moon and other planets that are being harvested that allow for other, even more powerful abilities.

Finally, there is a base, somewhere in Idaho... I know, Idaho, that's what I thought, too. However, what a better way to remain inconspicuous than putting a base, even if it is underground, where nothing exists except for the mother load of potatoes. It is in this location where explicit, highly classified plans that the NWO have involving FEMA concentration camps, Martial Law that is to take place in every Western country until a one world government can be set in place, and the NWO and their Extraterrestrial allies plans to reduce the world's population by 85%!!

Our source has served as a geologist, finding perfect locations for these underground bases. He is a structural engineer and land developer. He also happens to be very into occult practices. He has seen it all and overheard things that he probably wasn't supposed. Hey, sometimes you just can't control the things that come out of other people's mouths.

Anyway, over the years, he has successfully been able to channel the energies from these Underground Bases and cities into a vessel. He used this vessel to replicate the energies and make another of these items. He has placed them in this item, which he then delivered to us on condition of anonymity.

This piece is a transponder piece that correlates with these underground structures. They will allow you to leave your body and visit these structures astrally. You will be able to witness all the prior allegations for yourself. You will be appalled by what you see; however, given today's society it is difficult to say whether on not you will be surprised.

Either way, using this transponder piece, you will be able to witness these accounts for yourself. It will allow you to be there in third person, without be detected. You will be able to attain any powers you come across. You no longer have to take our word for it. This piece does it all. Enjoy!