An Egyptian Affair:  Empire of Cities

An Egyptian Affair: Empire of Cities

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An Egyptian Affair: Empire of Cities

All hail the Queen... right? Yeah, I guess. If you want a dictator to monitor your every move and tell you exactly what you can and can't do... whether you can eat something, what time you are allowed to sleep, how many children you can have... everything right down to how many pairs of socks you are allowed to own. If you don't believe me, get China on the line. They're already doing it. I'm not kidding!!

We must always be above the influence and that is why I am offering the following piece. It draws a plain correlation between the Ancient Egyptians and the modern Pyramid of City-States that contain Masonic secrets and power that are as plentiful as dandelions in Summer.

The three city states are Vatican City, London, and Washington DC. They are three cities that exist, but are subject to governance of no nation. They have their own laws and subject only to their own set of statues. They represent three legs of existence. London represents the wealth of the world. Vatican City represents religion. The District of Columbia represents military might.

They seem like they are three distinct, separate entities, set up for just that reason-- the preservation of independence. Actually, these three cities represent three separate legs of a nation of elite Masonic rulers, headed by the Queen of England. It has taken time to establish and fortify all three legs of their nation, but it has been done purposefully.

The purpose behind the establishing of the nation of Masonic elitists is in accordance with an ancient edict given by Khufu upon construction of the Great Pyramids of Giza. Notice the pattern of three. Three Pyramids. One dimensional pyramids are three sided. The three cities evolved as one nation. There are also tons of other representations of three through out history. It's the sacred number.

This edict fell into the hands of Egyptians mystics that eventually went onto to join the founding ranks of the Masonic Templars. These secrets involve instructions on how to prepare for the metamorphosis of the new era of the Earth and existence, including three aspects of survival that are essential-- wealth, strength and perseverance (military might), and esoteric truth (religion). A marriage of these three elements have been fortified and placed into effect.

The time is coming that the metamorphosis will happen. This piece resurrects the powers and energies of all three of these sacred sectors of the New World Nation. The merging that you will receive will usher in the powers of the ancient Egyptians. This will awaken your true esoteric mind, body, and soul to have a connection with the Crystal Pyramid. Egyptian magic will preserve you and keep you from inevitable death. You will gain all the truths and powers of pure Egyptian magic and esoteric magic and alchemy. It will open you up and allow sheer power from the Crystal Pyramid to pour through you like a waterfall of magical sustenance!!