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Throughout history, there have been many revealed secret societies and mystery schools. Although most of their secrets have not been revealed, the existence of such institutions has been known for a long time. Most of these secret societies and all of the mystery schools are centered around one universal knowledge that relinquishes utmost power to the constituents of the society. These powers are usually deeply rooted and extremely esoteric in nature. We had thought that throughout the course of time, we had found some of the most powerful energies and powers from the most covert mystery schools and secret societies; however, we have found one that tops them all.

This particular mystery school doesn't really exist in our current time. Although it doesn't exist fully in the past or the future, either. In fact, it exists on all three planes of times-- past, present, and future. They do this via an ancient power that they have received. The society is called the Order of the Blue Star; and I'm not talking about these phony baloney Orders of the Blue Star that you can find on Google or Bing, either. Rather, we have encountered and made contact with the original, real, authentic Order of the Blue Star.

The Order of the Blue Star recruits only those that they feel have true, true potential. In fact, there is a spiritual energy, called the Goddess, that they consult before initiating anybody into the sect, who goes by the name the Blue Oracle.

The Order of the Blue Star holds very unique powers, but the one that started it all was an all original power that was given to the founder of the Order of the Blue Star by an Atlantean Alien in the year 1562. Only the members of the order are allowed to know the name of the founder... it's just their policy. It has something to do with the society exists as separate individuals, but also as one via a network of psychic connections.

Anywho, the power that was gained was a direct gateway into the realm of Atlantis. No, I don't mean the Atlantis that existed once on the face of Earth. Rather, this gateway leads to an entirely different realm of existence, known as Atlantis. It was created with the powers of a village of ancient Atlanteans. They escaped to this realm after the disastrous cataclysm that wiped out their once great nation.

In their new realm, these Atlanteans practice their magical flow freely. There are no obstructions here and everything exists in harmony and complete and total balance with one another. To rekindle their connection to the human race, the gift was given to the founder of the Order of the Blue Star. The Blue Star is the energy that these new age Atlanteans use to both gain and preserve their powers and their esoteric and energetic sustenance.

We have recently received this piece. I am not allowed to tell you who provided me with this piece as part of the deal of acquiring this piece in the first place. However, the important thing for you to know is that this piece holds the powers of the Blue Star. It will open up the gateway to the realm of Atlantis for you, where you will be given the ability to travel into past Atlantis, current Atlantis and future Atlantis. You will be put at full peace and tranquility and enlightened to a level that will open your third eye. You will then gain a connection to the Atlantis Psychic Network, where the members of the the Order of the Blue Star exist as one and as individuals. You will become one of these members and given the powers of the Blue Star and all of its magic. It is the basis of existence for the ancient Atlantis race.

This piece is extremely, extremely powerful!! You do not want to miss your opportunity on this ancient Atlantis power!!