Angel of History
Angel of History

Angel of History

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This is a very special piece. It has a special meaning to myself, because I'm the one that found it. I say found, because I wasn't necessarily looking for the entity that I found when I was looking for it. It just kind of came to me.

To begin with, I just kind of felt this odd pull to visit my grandparents old house. It's not to far from where I currently reside. It's back an old, rickety road full of potholes and cornfields. TO get to their house you have to turn back a road that eventually runs into a dead-end.

On the right there is a big red house. It is a place of fond memories-- Thanksgivings, Christmas parties, sleepovers, cookouts. I think it is what inclines me to drive back this road every one in a while.

Where the road ends, a field begins. I remember this field from when I was younger. We used to travel across the field to a Christmas Tree farm, where we'd pick a tree, tag it, and come back later to cut it down. It was a very memorable experience.

Once in a while I walk through the field, just to relive the past and remember all the good times that we all used to have at what I call, "the Big Red House." Mostly I go here when I'm feeling down and need some inspiration to kind of pick me up and set me on my way again.

This time, it was different. I wasn't down or anything. I merely felt a strong urge to visit the "Christmas Tree Field." So, my family could be considered kind of "country" but, then again, most people in Pennsylvania could. It comes as no surprise that took my shoes off and began tip-toeing through the field.

When I got to the middle of the field, which wasn't quite as big as I remembered it being when I was 4, 5, or 6, I laid down and close my eyes. That's when I felt a feeling inside of me-- a psychic connection to the field and when I peered up I saw a man and young boy walking across the field. The man was teaching the young boy to fly a kite. As I focuse my vision, I realized that the man wasn't a man, but my Grandfather, Thomas. The young boy wasn't a young boy, but it was me. We were both perhaps 20 years younger or so, and the boy laughed and giggled as the man carefully taught him the right procedures on how to fly a kite.

Everything around me began to suddenly burst forth with life, as the scenery changed, and I saw the same couple trekking along the field in snow. They were going to select a tree for their Christmas festivities.

I couldn't believe what was happening. I was both confused and overjoyed at the fact that I was able experience the replaying of these past events. I shoved my fists into my eyes until there were spots and when I opened them up again the scenery was no longer there. In fact, I couldn't even really see. I was blinded by what I thought was the sun.

Then I heard a voice like thunder boom, "Behold the Angel of History, do not be afraid. I have been watching you. This is your gift." Just like that I was lying on my back again in the field looking up at clear blue skies with an occasional passing, fluffy cloud. Only I was wearing two new pieces.

I quickly called Deedee up and headed over to headquarters to test the piece. It turns out that there is a separate realm, where history repeats itself, over and over again. It is an energy that God has stored up to allow travels into the past. The Angel of History, among other responsibilities holds complete control over this realm and has been given a legion of angels to assist him.

The two pieces that I received come from this historic realm and hold two angels, both from the legion of the Angel of History. I kept one of the pieces for myself. The other I am making available via the website.

This piece holds an angel that will act as a guardian angel for you. He will keep you safe and away from trouble. He will keep you from straying, provide success and wealth in you life, and give you spiritual and magical abundance. Most importantly this angel will give you the ability to revisit your past experiences. You will be able to replay these experiences and fond memories, so you can experience your happiest moments again and again. You will actually be able to live these moments out as if they were actually happening.

As with all angel pieces, you will gain a psychic connection to the white-light energy source that will allow you to communicate with all angels to gain their divine providence and white powers. This piece is very powerful. Personally, it has allowed me to heighten my spiritual awareness, because living out my past memories provided stress relief and motivation that cleansed my spirit and my aura.