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Earlier in March, a major phenomenon made the news. Well, it kind of made the news. There was as much cover-up as possible, as there always seems to be now-a-days. In fact, we didn't even originally find via an newscast. Rather, we found out from Adita, who happened to be in the area and felt a psychic connection to the vent that told her that she should probably witness it.

Meanwhile, several United States Military officials experienced the same Phenomenon. The officials were inside of the Unite States Marine Base known as Camp Leatherneck in Afghantistan. Reports say that the military observers witnessed seven equally spaced lights in the sky. The witnesses say that the lights were in the sky for a long time without moving. They didn't blind or make any noise. They disappeared for a little bit before reappearing and then dissipating all together.

In Revelation the Seven Churches are shown as seven lamp stands. Just as a Menorah is wrought from one piece of gold, the seven lamp stands will also represent the whole of the true church during the end of times.

Similarly we learn about the seven messengers in Joshua chapter 6. The army of Israel proceeds to march around the walls of Jericho on seven successive days, lead by seven priests who blew seven horns. Let's draw the analogy. History repeats itself. The Greek form of the name Joshua is Jesus, who preceded as his own type of Jesus, leading his people to the Promised Land and the Gospel Age. Comparatively, Christ will come to collect his souls and lead them to the eternal Promised Land.

Also in the Book of Revelation there are Seven Messengers, such as Joshua had Seven Messengers, the priests blowing horns. However, in Revelation the business of the Seven Messengers is expanded upon. They are the eternal messenger spirits that will sound the seven trumpets. They will give their messages to the seven successive days, or periods of the true church.

After the seven lights dissipated, Adita did some investigating and found this item in a field adjacent to the area where the seven lights had been in the sky. Only Adita's account told that the seven lights went out in a blaze of glory. White ash from the lights fell to the ground and led Adita to this item. Adita immediately felt the energy of this piece and sent it to us for investigation.

We've been working with this piece since it's arrival. We have finally been able to determine that this piece holds the Secrets of the Seven Messengers. The Seven Messengers were the seven lights in the sky, saw by only a few and covered-up later. This piece will give you the prophetic knowledge of God. It will allow you ascend your soul to connect with the Seven Messengers to know the true meaning of the secret messages conveyed through the scriptures of the Bible. They will provide knowledge of the end times and the Second Coming of Christ that have alluded many since the beginning of time. I'll be honest with you, nobody knows the day or time of the Coming of Christ and I'd be lying to you if I said this piece could give you this exact bit of information.

However, this piece will, again, help you with deciphering the secret texts found in the Holy Scriptures; and the prophetic wisdom you will receive will allow you to interpret the revelations and the signs of the end time.