The Golem of Prague/DAKOTA

The Golem of Prague/DAKOTA

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In the middle of the 16th century in Prague, times were tough. Almost everyone was living in poverty, food was hard to come across, and there was little to no happiness to be found. Aside from all these troubles that plagued the people of Prague's everyday life, the city was best known for its slave markets. People from near and far would come and bid on potential servants as they would for livestock or any other types of goods. The people who suffered the most from the great slave market were those who lived in the dark, cramped ghettos, which were mostly composed of European Jewish immigrants.

One of these immigrants, Judah Loew, was a well respected rabbi with great hope that one day his fellow Jews could live in peace without fear of being stolen off the streets and sold into slavery. Many looked up to him as a leader, as someone who could take them far away from this horrible place. He himself knew this, and tried to live up to his reputation as much as he could by conducting acts of kindness and charity every time the opportunity presented itself. But no matter how hard he tried to ease his people's suffering, he still saw sorrow all around him. As he pondered this to himself, he decided to stroll into one of the ghetto's shops, this one being the local bookstore. He was browsing the selection when he came across a very interesting book. It was the mystical Kabalistic text, the Sefer Yetziriah.

He wanted something to take his mind off of the less than desired way of life in Prague, and thought that the book he held was better than nothing. He carried the book to the shop's owner, an old man who looked half starved, but still in his right mind. Judah handed the book to the old shop keeper and asked the price. The old man looked down at the book, then at Judah. A strange expression had made its way on to the old man's face, and he simply replied to the young rabbi "Take it, I believe this book will do you great good." Judah insisted on paying the old man, but he refused any type of payment that Judah could offer. So, Judah thanked the shop keeper and went on his way, flipping through pages of ancient texts on ritual instructions and old magic's, long forgotten. That night, as Judah was about to rest for the night until he came across a page in his new book that seemed to stand out to him from all the rest. The particular page in question spoke of summoning a protector, a guardian that would carry out it's master's every command without question, a man made of the earth itself, a golem. All that was required of him to do was construct the shape of a man from clay, and inscribe a word of religious meaning on it's forehead. Judah was skeptical at first, but then realized that his people were in dire need, and he was willing to attempt anything to allow them to lead normal, peaceful lives. So he decided that he would indeed construct this golem, and order it to protect the ghetto from anyone who sought harm upon it's people.

He went out that very night, and began to dig deep into the earth, in order to get access to the very toughest clay that the earth could provide him. By morning he had accumulated enough clay to begin constructing his guardian. He worked for 2 days, without rest, until the shape of a large man was standing before him. He had shaped for the golem all of the correct features; two large eyes so he could keep a constant watch, ears so he could be aware of his surroundings at all times, and a mouth, shaped into a small smile, so that the ghetto residents would receive him well. Once the construction was complete, Judah clothed his golem and prepared the proper ritual needed in order to bring him into existence. He stood in front of his creation, holding his book in one hand and a stick in the other. After reading the ritualistic texts, he brought the stick up to the golem's forehead, and inscribed "EMET" which in Hebrew means truth.

And as he did that, the clay figure began to shake, and it's features began to become animated with life. To Judah's surprise, the golem's eyes opened, and stared a blank stare at him, waiting for his first instruction. Judah, still in shock, gave the golem his first command. "Go to the Jewish ghettos in Prague" he commanded,"and keep the people there safe from harm." The golem then turned his gaze away from Judah, and marched to the ghettos to begin his work. When the golem arrived at his destination, the people didn't know what to think of him. Then Judah calmed everyone down, and explained to them his plan. They all praised Judah and their new guardian, and smiles were seen everywhere. For the next couple of days, the people of the ghettos lived in carefree peace.

The slave collectors were to scared to enter the ghettos in search of new slaves, and those that did returned to their homes with bruises and scars, and tales of a monster that protected the people. One day, as Judah was away at market, a strange man entered the ghettos, in search of the fabled golem of Prague. He finally came across the golem, standing guard in one of the ghettos main districts. He approached it, and attempted to speak to it. No reply left the golem's mouth, he only stared on, watching for anyone who wished harm on the people. The man noticed the writing on the golem's forehead. "EMET?" he said with a laugh "I believe its time for a change of name." The man reached up to the golem's forehead, and erased one of the letters written there. The golem's forehead now read "MET" which is the Hebrew word for death. As the man did this, the golem began to shake, his features began to fade, and in a moments notice, the guardian of the ghettos was nothing more than a pile of earth. The strange man then channeled the golem's fearless strength into a rock and simply walked away. The golem of Prague was gone, but his strength and courage remained eternally trapped in this one of a kind piece.

No one knows much about the man who ended the golem's life, only what was rumored. They say he was a powerful and ancient sorcerer, traveling the world for all kinds of fabled powers, collecting them where ever he traveled. Our investigators came across this piece while conducting investigations in an abandoned Jewish temple, that was said contain the spirits of the old world. We have tested this piece personally, with all similar effects. This piece wards off evil doers, and gives you great strength in all you do. Your courage will rise greatly as well, allowing you to face your foes with unflinching resolve. This piece holds great power and wisdom, and now we are making this priceless and legendary piece available to you. The power of this piece has now been transmuted into what your looking at. Multiple power and ability you will give this piece yourself. This is considered dual magic because what goes into the Golem is what you place into him. To do this you will need a piece of clay and you will poke this pin into with each energy breath you take and say what you want. This is powerful,you create the destiny of the piece.