A Forlorn Child's Love

A Forlorn Child's Love

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Things have never seemed to go right for Anna. She was born into a life of poverty on a small farm in rural Louisianna. Her entire life consisted of hardships farm work, helping care for her several younger siblings, helping her mother with chores around the house. Anna was a dreamer and wanted to make life better for her family. Her only means and her only ticket out was to study hard, do well in school, go to college and make a better living than what farm life had to offer.

All throughout high school, Anna worked hard to obtain the highest grades possible. In doing so, she was offered admittance to several highly ranked schools. Upon Anna's graduating, her parents bought her this, as a token of how proud and appreciative they were of Anna and all she had accomplished. Unfortunately for Anna, things were about to take a turn for the worst. Anna had never been what mainstream America would call, "popular". So when people started noticing her accomplishments and praising her accordingly, she was over run with emotion. The prettiest girls wanted to be her friend, handsome guys started taking interest in her. Finally, when she was invited to a graduation party by the most popular girl in school, she was ecstatic. She made preparations accordingly. Her mother helped her put together a killer outfit.

When the big night arrived, Anna was prepared to have the time of her life, but that's not exactly what fate had in mind. About halfway through, the night Anna was approached by a guy she had secretly admired for a while. He was clearly intoxicated, but Anna figured she might as well make her move. When one thing led to another they found themselves in a spare bedroom of the house they were partying in.

Anna had no intentions of any sexual encounters, simply some innocent, "on the top" fun, so when the guy tried to force himself on her, she refused, slapped him and retreated to the party. Unfortunately, the guy, embarrassed that he had been turned down by Anna (afterall, who is she), had other plans though. He followed her home, physically assaulted her when she got out of her car, raped her, and left her for dead. Anna tried to crawl into her house for help, but unfortunately was so injured by the assault that she never made it.

When her parents found her the next morning on the walkway leading to the house, she was clutching the necklace that her parents had bought her for her graduation. As a tribute to Anna, they kept it. Since then, they have discovered good fortune. They were offered enough money for the land they owned to pay off their debt and buy a very nice house closer to civilization. They also had enough money left over for the rest of their children to obtain a formal education. And what attributed to their success?? Anna, of course. You see after Anna passed away, the parents and sibling would occasionally see Anna strolling casually through the fields, going about her chores, or just sitting on the patio... always clutching an astral version of her parents' graduation gift.

We have done investigations with several different clients. We have also spoken with several experts. This is what's going on. Anna was so committed to a better life that not even death could stop her. She wanted to make things better for her family and had unfinished business in this life that needed to be taken care of. She knew a love and determination so deep that her spirit has been channeled into that beloved graduation gift that her parents had saved for months to buy her. Anna's spirit has charmed the piece with a blessing of well-being and success. Whoever possesses the piece will experience just that. We were lucky enough to fall into possession of this piece, and now we are making it available to you. This can be now used by you because there is no other family to take it. This would be considered a great wealth item. This is in real sterling silver.