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In tribal cultures a spirit, usually in animal form, is known as a Guardian spirit; they protect individuals, tribes, and clans. Guardian spirits also provide magical shamanic power. In animal form they can converse with humans. The animal form is rooted in the deep belief that humans and animals are related to one another.

Beliefs concerning guardian spirits vary among the various tribal cultures. Many tribes believe every male child is born with a guardian spirit to protect him, otherwise he would never reach adulthood. Other tribes believe not every male successfully gets a guardian spirit; those who do not experience weakness and failure in their lives.

Most tribes assume that it is less important for girls to acquire guardian spirits because when reaching womanhood they do not become hunters and warriors. Although, some tribes do have minor rites for girls to acquire guardian spirits.

In Shamanic cultures the shaman is required to have a guardian spirit. He cannot be a shaman without one. The guardian spirit empowers the shaman with its magical powers and serves as the shaman's "animal power" or his alter ego.

Within an altered state of consciousness, in which he performs his duties, the shaman assumes the form and power of the guardian spirit. He sees it, converses with it, and uses it to help him achieve his mission. The guardian is never harmful to the shaman but escorts him through the underworld or accompanies him on his mystical ascents into the sky.

The shaman can contact his guardian spirit regularly. This is called "dancing the animal." Although, one guardian spirit does not remain with the shaman throughout his life. The stays of the spirits are temporary, and new spirits replace them.

Guardian spirits are not the same as "spirit helpers" which have minor powers and specialized functions such as curing certain diseases and illnesses. A shaman may use spirit helpers collectively. And, guardian spirits are not to be confused with helper spirits. Neither are guardian spirits to be confused with the tonal, a spirit in animal form, which symbolizes the person's soul or birth date; nor are they familiars.

There are several ways of acquiring guardian spirits: seeking a solitary spirit quest or vision quest in the wilderness; spirits may come in dreams to some persons; many tribes require the acquisition of a guardian spirits during initiation rites into manhood. In some rites hallucinogenic drugs are used.

One way of communicating with one's guardian spirit is during ecstatic dancing when the person enters a trance state and assumes the form of the animal. The Zuni, for example, call this dance "Calling the Beasts."

From the tribal view point most Westerners still have guardian spirits, but are not aware of them throughout their lives. This is because of their lost contact with nature, and thus they rob themselves of this source of greater reinforcing power.

To have the implications of the guardian spirits you need to know that they are real. This piece will help you meet a guardian spirit without having to get involved with drugs. Many people have guardian spirits, but generally remain unaware of them throughout their lives, thus robbing them of an enriching source of greater power. You will meet your guardian spirit, most likely in animal form --- you will learn of the path on which you are supposed to travel.

We all desire to know if we are travelling on the right route, we want to be successful in life and this piece will have your guardian spirit connect with you and help make sure you are protected and enable you to achieve your mission in life!

This piece is in sterling silver and the stone is Amber. This comes from sap from trees and often will fall on insects and small animals. Coming from the woods this is often seen as sacred. This piece is able to call upon your own spirit and give you the power of a true Shaman. Using this will cause mystical visions and dreams and allow you to astral travel for better magic and understanding.

We came upon this ring during a dream magic session that we did with Raviniska. Did you all hear the news of her? I don't know if Dee Dee told anyone yet.