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If there is one person that I am sick and tired of hearing about these days, it's Abraham Lincoln.  Not to long ago, Obama made a reference to Abe Lincoln and how he would be proud of the progress that is being made in today's America due to the fact that we are supposedly equally the playing field for Black folks.  Now, I'm all for black folks, but I can assure you that President Lincoln didn't care about Black folks as much as people tend to believe he did.  Yes, he is the one that emancipated them from slavery; no he didn't do it because he was a gentlemen.  Rather, he did it so he could win the war. 
Another preconceived notion is that the Civil War was fought all over slaves.  In fact, the slaves were tertiary or perhaps even further down the list of priorities for Honest Abe.  The real reason behind the Civil Was was simple.  The South was making more money for two reasons.  They had better better resources and they had free labor.  
New England became tiringly jealous of the fact that the South had more resources and was growing in wealth, while their local economies became stagnant.  Thus, they began taxing the South for their shipments of cotton and textiles to the North.  The South got mad at the North and succeeded form the Union.  The North was like, "Wait a second, you can't do that, we declare war on your so called Confederacy."  Thus, the war began.
Then, the North realized that they were in hot water.  They not only had less resources, but the army they managed to scrimp up was severely outnumbered.  Not only this, they were the ones on the offensive and didn't really know the terrain of the South, not nearly as well as those who lived there.  Honest Abe came it and said, "Hey let's free the Blacks and promise them freedom and land if they come fight for us.  It was settled.  The propaganda machine began chugging along and the Blacks were freed to help the North win a war.  Kudos.
The thing is that Abraham Lincoln was all about his money-- and his supernatural powers-- but mostly about his money.  This is because every president from the beginning of our country has some sort of ties to the Freemasons and the Illuminati.  It's something that will never be proven on a widespread scale, simply because of the powers that come along with the connections.  Abraham Lincoln was no more an honest president than any of the other ones were.  I'm not saying that our presidents have been bad men, but with as much power that comes as being the leader of the United States, there has to be certain things that are covered-up for those people in power to retain their powers.
One of those powers is wealth.  Without wealth, how is a leader ever going to afford the luxuries associated with being a leader.  I'll entertain the fact that we live in a democracy and that we don't still have kings, so the president is the closest thing to a king we will ever have.  Thus, in order to restore an image of strength, there has to be an image of wealth.  These wealth powers come from the secret societies that rule our country and have since the secret convening of the Continental Congress before our Constitution was even drawn up.  Why do you think that these people had to meet in secret time and time again-- or even at all?  There are certain powers that the people in power don't want to get out to the public.  It would level the playing field and their organizations would lose the power and influence that they pull. 
Well, we are offering the chance to experience this wealth.  The chance is offered through this bank that we are selling.  The bank was made into the shape of Abe Lincoln, because there is not a single one of the higher ups that didn't understand that Abe Lincoln was about his money.  It's why he was assassinated, because they even feared in the inner circles that he was gaining to much power.  So, it's more of an inside joke with the Freemasons and the Illuminati and all the other secret organizations.  However, the wealth power that comes with this bank is absolutely no joke.  It's no joke at all.  "Honest Abe."  
The bank carries an ancient-- and I mean ancient-- Freemason wealth spell.  I mean supposedly that's what the Freemasons are all about, a free market and gaining wealth, so it makes perfect sense.  They love wealth and the powers they come up with to gain wealth are probably the most spot-on and powerful wealth spells that I have ever experienced.  With this piece, in order to activate the powers you have to feed the bank-- again, shaped like Abe Lincoln-- coins.  This is because nobody in life gets something from nothing.  You must fill the bank all the way to the top with pennies, because that is the coin  Honest Abe is on.
Once you have filled the bank all the way to the top with pennies, then you will experience the wealth powers that the bank offers.  When he is full, wealth will begin to flow in for you, like a water in a river.  You will experience wealth in all areas of your life and in different forms.  Lottery winnings, gambling, inheritance, job promotions, raises, settlements, donations-- you name it, this piece brings it.  It is one of the most powerful wealth powers that I have ever experienced, during testing.  If hitting it rich is what you want out of life, then stop trying to sing or make it on the big screen.  This piece will bring you extreme wealth, with minimal life.  It's the American Dream.