The Priest of God's Heart Plate
The Priest of God's Heart Plate

The Priest of God's Heart Plate

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The corridor became tighter and tighter and to be honest with you I could feel the onset of a panic attack creeping off in the distance somewhere, crawling its way toward me. I took a deep breath and tried to keep it together.  I couldn't help but think about the fact that if one of us moved the wrong way and the flame caught a breeze, we'd be encompassed by the pitch black that surrounded us.  We had lit a candle, because the dimwit who decided to grab a flashlight didn't bother to check the batteries and half way down, they gave out.  Luckily they lasted just long enough for us to reach the doorway that opened to lead to the hub of all these corridors.  
It's not like we could just plug a light in.  Not only do we not happen to take desk lamps with us on investigation, we were so far underground that I doubt electricity was even run down here.  If the structure would have been built in modern times, I imagine they might have put electric lines in, but where we were was thousands of years old, no exaggeration at all.  We followed the black robed priest in front of us, the passageway getting ever tighter.  Then, like a ghost at midnight, a doorway popped up out of nowhere.  The priest called out a few words in Latin and the door split into two, each half sliding in opposite directions.
There in front of us was the largest collection of holy relics we had ever seen.  There were crucifixes, holy water, books, sarcophagi, and entire preserved human bodies.  These were the saints; they were the ones that guarded this secret chamber.  A sealer spell had been put on the chamber and they only allow the door to open if somebody utters the right words.  Fortunately for us, the priest knew the words.  Above us was a chandelier with at least two dozen candles lighting the chamber.  These chandeliers appeared every so often, as there were quite a few required to light the entire chamber.  It was huge.  Off to the left of the chamber was an entire catacombs, where the people who belonged to the bloodline of Christ had been buried.  It sent shivers up my spine to know that these people were once alive-- they are people that can only be read in ancient history books now.  
Off in the distance I could see the billowing cherubim, in their griffin form, with their smokey white eyes, beaming down at us.  Although the angels weren't living beings at all, they were living beings.  The gave off the energies of life with their eyes.  You could feel the power that they held radiating through the room like headlights through the fog.  They were the guardians of the Ark of the Covenant.  This is why we were here.  You know that we have these types of connections.  Normally they just send us pieces, but this time it was different.  This time seeing was believing and the priest called us to tell us that the Vatican would be housing the Ark of the Covenant and that we had a small window of chance if we wanted to experience its extraordinary power.  
Now, I'm sure that you have heard the story.  Anybody who looks upon the contents of the Ark of the Covenant will die right where they stand.  This is because the artifacts are so holy that God has not allowed anyone to look upon them.  It's kind of like when Lot's wife was turned into a pillar of salt.  It's serious business.  We were different though.  We had a white light piece that would allow us to look upon the Ark of the Covenant, to see the contents that lies within.  Most of the time, we were seeing things through the astral realms, in astral form; but here was the real thing, physically right in front of us.  It stared at us and we stared back, not really knowing what to think.  For years this sacred relic has faced criticism as to whether or not its existence was even real.  Then, there was always the issue of it being hidden from human eye, either in an undisclosed area or an alternate realm of existence.  
As it was explained to us, the Ark of the Covenant has been willed to the, "People of God."  The existence of the Ark is kept extremely secretive, but it travels around to holy spots and its existence is shared among only those who know how to properly handle it.  This is why we found ourselves deep underground, in the secret chambers under the Vatican, in a catacombs full of deceased saints, staring at these living-not-living cherubim.  It was a rush that is entirely indescribable.  The priest said another few words, in Latin I presume.  Then we opened the Ark.  
Inside the Ark were treasures that you couldn't even imagine.  For instance, the slingshot that David used, as well as the stone were in there.  The staff of Moses was in there, as well as a scroll that was written by his sister Miriam.  There are pieces of the Wall of Jericho, as well as a piece of the "Manna from Heaven" that God gave to the Israelites while they were in exile in the desert for 40 years.  There was a lock of Samson's hair, a vile full of the water that Jesus walked on, one of the silver coins that was used when Judas betrayed Jesus, a piece of the robe that the Apostle Paul wore, and many, many more.  I could go on forever about what was in there, but it would take entirely too long.
The power that we experienced while in this place was phenomenal.  It's unlike anything that you have experienced or anything you ever will experience.  It is the real deal, and after being in there things just seem so much clearer now.  It's like all of the secrets of the Bible suddenly make sense.  I don't really know how to explain it.  Besides this fact, we had previously thought that the Ark was a mere container.  At least, it started out like this, but apparently it kept growing and growing.  These days it's more like a Tabernacle that serves as a magical hall where all of these artifacts are kept.  It's like a Holy Museum, but if you don't have the right magic to negate the powers that kill you, you will never be able to make it through without instantly turning to ash.  It's just the facts.  This type of power is rare and the fact that we were actually able to experience the Ark was even rarer.  It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience.   
Before we left the Ark, a bright light descended from the top of the Ark.  It was not a being, just a light and a voice.  The piece that is listed hear appeared from the light.  The voice told us that we were to take the piece.  Then the light disappeared and the piece fell to the ground.  We picked it up and took it with us.  On the outside, we began discussing what we should do with the piece that we had been given.  I mean, what do we do with all of the powers we find while we are on investigation??  That is why you see this piece listed to the website.  We were almost going keep it, but really felt like the power in this piece could benefit one of our lucky customers.  
After investigating and testing the piece, we have determined that it is the Priest of God's heart plate.  It holds extremely holy power that was reserved for one being and one being alone.  This being is known as the Priest of God.  It is a supreme being, a type of angel that has been elevated by God.  It is the highest rank of angel, and it was the position that Lucifer held before he decided to wage war and fall from Heaven.  This Priest of God is in charge of the realm of relics that belong to God.  This is the realm where all the holy pieces of God are kept, and I can assure you they are the most powerful type of powers that exist.  
This piece is pure power, except for the chain.  It has come off the robes that the Priest of God wears when he is safeguarding all of God's treasure.  It is what allows him into the realm of God and into the realm of relics.  When using this piece, when you place it over your heart, you will gain instant access to Heaven and be taken there via astral travel.  It will allow you to soar right to the top level of Heaven, where the Throne of God exists.  He will be expecting you, because he already knows all things.  When you get there, you will be able to look upon the Face of God, which is a privilege in and of itself, because nobody ever gets to look upon the face of God.  You'll be surprised that the face of God isn't a face like you typically expect.  Rather, his face is an entire book of knowledge.  I'm not saying he doesn't have a face at all, but it is less humanoid and more divine.  
When you look into the eyes of God, they play as if you were looking into a television.  They will show the history of God, since before the creation of the world.  They will tell you where the beginning of existence occurred.  This will answer any ambiguity, especially the whole, "If God created us, who created God?"  You will be hypnotized and you will be able to see into the mind of God to see all that he knows.  This will give you all the knowledge of the world and all the powers and magic that God has ever performed, or were performed in His creation.  This will give you the ability to do any power or magic that you can think of, plus more.  There are powers there that you will experience that won't even have a name, but the things that they can do are phenomenal.
For instance, there was one that let you create your own realm of existence, altogether.  There was one that allowed you to become a mortal God.  There was one that allowed you to resurrect the dead.  There was a power that allowed you be reborn as Jesus, to live his life.  There was a psychic power that allows you to see into the secrets of the Book of Revelation.  There was a power that allowed you to absolve your own sins and all the sins of those around you.  There was a power that allowed you to hear the prayers of all people, and thus be able to read their mind.  There was a power that allowed you control your own destiny or grant destiny to others.  There was a power that allowed to create or become any type of angel.  There was one that allowed you to birth your own pack of heaven hounds.  There was one that allowed to to defy time and space, to travel to anywhere you want to.  Don't even get me started on the correlation between Adam and Eve and the Great Pyramids of Giza.  I'll let you experience that one on your own, as I can't really put it into words.  There are so many more powers than this, you just have to experience it for yourself.    
What it boils down to is we only have one of these items.  It is a one of a kind and if you want it, you better make sure you get it, because I guarantee that we will never get a piece like this again.  Who even knows if we will be let into Ark of the Covenant again, let alone be given a piece by the presence of God?  This is really an exclusive item and once we sell it, it will be gone!!    
The chain for this pendant is not the original, as we were just given the pendant while in the Ark of the Covenant.  The chain is sterling, the pendant is not.