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They are thirteen of the darkest souls that you will ever encountered in your entire life.  There is not a beacon of hope for them and God will never try to rectify their situation, despite the fact that we have managed to white wash the powers that they offer.  They are called the thirteen brides of Satan and they were originally born in Biblical times.  They lived in the ancient twin cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, the ones that turned their faces away from God.  They were so wicked, in fact, that God decided to rain fire and brimstone upon them until their cities burned up and were no more.  
If you thought the only people the escaped Sodom and Gomorrah were Lot and his daughters, you have been deceived.  Of course this is not the fault of any human, because these 13 brides of Satan slipped out before anybody could catch them.  You see, they had a pact with the Devil.  In the beginning these daughters of man were reverent beings; so reverent, in fact, that Satan thought it would be a nice little plight to tempt them the same way he tempted Jesus on the mount.  He showed the the world and all the powers he could offer  them.  They refused this at first, but then he offered them immortality, promising them that if they would only become immortal, they would never have to suffer the consequences of eternal damnation for their sins.  Basically they could have their cake and eat it too.
Together, this coven of thirteen set off into the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.  They committed perverse acts with unmarried men.  They slept with married men.  They gambled, they became drunkards, only ever worrying about having fun, not ever having reverence for the Lord.  They made child sacrifices to idols and had orgies in the Temples of Moloch, an ancient fire God.  They laid down with women and they taught people the black magic that Satan had taught them.  They literally perverted two whole cities.  They sensed the two angels that God had sent to Lot.  Fearing that the angels of God had come to collect their souls, they convinced the angry crowds that the angels were there to submit them all to eternal damnation.  The mob went crazy and wound up at Lot's doorstep.  Lot offered the crowd his daughters instead, but when this wasn't good enough he didn't know what to do.  This is when the skies opened up and the redemption of the Lord rained down up the twin cities.  
The thirteen brides of Satan were terrified because they knew what they had done.  They pleaded with Satan for a way out, for it was he who had given them immortality.  He opened up a portal for them to slip through.  I have no idea where they went to after that.  What I do know is that the coven showed up in the middle ages in Bavaria during the witch trials.  It was here that they began to use their magic to terrorize residents of nearby villages.  They themselves shacked up in a modest abode in the woods, using the dark magic that Satan had taught them for survival.  If they had only minded their business who would've even known that they existed?  However, they really like to show off their powers and for some reason they showed the greatest contempt  for human kind.  It was ingrained into them by Satan and by this time these immortal witches had been won over to the dark side, so I guess it only makes sense that they hated humankind as much as they did.  They even despised being human themselves and this is why they attacked local villages in different forms.  Most often they would attack in the form of snarling wolves to mock the white light heaven hounds that God had created to protect his people.
Pride is arrogant and will eventually get you caught.  This is what happened to the Brides of Satan.  They were eventually locked in a dead heat battle with the Benandanti wolves, who were men by day and white light wolves by night.  They were holy shape-shifters who would battle the forces of evil and they had sniffed out the presence of the brides, simply because they were using their magic, blatantly, for the destruction of human lives.  They did so mercilessly, too.  When they were tracked down by the Benandanti wolves, they were forced to return to their human forms.  The coven of thirteen were unremorseful for their acts and spat at those who joined the Benandanti in the quest to purge the area of their terror.  Like it or not, they were burned at the stake and laughed at the villagers who burned them.  They yelled out curses and hexes at the people as they burned until the last flame went out.  Some say that this is why Hitler went crazy, because of the curses these witches cast on the land.  It would make perfect sense, too.  Hitler goes crazy because of the curse of the brides of Satan.  What does he do??  Kill the Jews, who are the children of God, as redemption for the burning of these witches.  
The witch's legacy didn't stop there.  It took a break, but just about a millennium later they were resurrected.  They deceitfully took the form of Puritan women, who were travelling to America.  They witches thought that this would be the perfect place for them to continue their reign of terror.  By their accord, they thought that they could even build their numbers, but this didn't happen.  They arrived in Connecticut in the early 1600s, when England was racing to expand their provincial territories.  In those days it was a race to see who could acquire the most land.  They had no problem sending the Puritans, who were often religiously persecuted for breaking away from the Church of England, over to North America to help colonize the new land.  Seeing as though there weren't as many people in the New World, they figured they could get away with most of their tactics.  They killed many passengers aboard the ship that brought them here by causing them fevers and illness.  When they got to the New World, they quickly changed their facade, back to the brides of Satan that they had always been.  Once again, they took root in the woods, using the magic that Satan had taught them to survive.  This magic included black arts, black spells, black alchemy, black sorcery-- basically black everything.  Their nasty souls lived in their own desolation away from humankind for many years.  The temptation to haunt the humans of God eventually crept back to them and it wasn't long before they prompted the witch trials of Connecticut, which began in 1647.  
They would use their powers that Satan had given them to change form into other members of the villages around them.  They would take these forms and torture the children at night time.  Then, the children would testify that this person or that person had been haunting them.  This is how many innocent lives came to an end during these trials, but what did the thirteen care?  They would watch these burnings from the shadows of the woods as they happened, smiling and celebrating a job well done.  It was another soul tortured for no reason at all.  They lived like this for quite awhile... about fifty years to be exact.  The villagers began to realize a pattern and went hunting in the woods for them.  They were led by priests of God, whom the witches could not harm. 
When the villagers came close to discovering their camp, the witches decided to move further South.  They came to the place they would eventually be buried, which would become part of the state of New Jersey.  I'm not exactly sure what happened surrounding their final burial, but they were bound by spell, and set into graves that were then placed into the ground.  They were forgotten about, buried way beneath the ground, alive, with their souls still stuck in their bodies.  I imagine that their bodies eventually died, but their souls stayed trapped where their bodies had been-- inside the coffins that had been constructed for them.  Since it was a white light spell that had bound them, not even Satan could undo it or intervene.  The only ones who could reverse the spells were mortals.  This was accomplished when a bunch of Satan worshipping teens from Springfield, New Jersey opened their tombs to get vengeance on a girl who attended a local church.  
Jeannette DePalma wasn't necessarily a bad person.  In fact, you could say the opposite about her.  She and her sister had turned to a local church after finding themselves astray and hooked on drugs.  They had even followed their own convictions and began to volunteer with helping those suffering from addiction.  Or at least that is what the records show.  What is off the records is that Jeanette had a slightly darker past than most would like to admit.  Drugs lead to darker things and they also mix well with Satanic worship.  This leads us to believe that she may have been part of the Satan-worshipping group of teens.  We are inclined to believe that after she had found the saving grace of God, the Satanists weren't so willing to give up her soul.  Going by local legends that tell of the thirteen witches that are buried beneath Johnston Drive, they reversed the curse that bound the witches to their grave.  The witches then inhabited the bodies of 13 of these teens.  They built altars in the woods by a cliff and murdered and sacrificed the body of DePalma.  
Local authorities attributed this murder to witchcraft, even saying that they had found symbolism and an altar in the woods.  Strangely, a flood came by not too soon after some of DePalma's remains were found, washing away any and all evidence that existed in the woods.  Additionally, all the court records and other records that surrounded the case were either destroyed or went missing.  Sounds pretty convenient if you ask me.  People in the town of Springfield refuse to talk about the occurrence or even entertain the legend that tells of the thirteen witches that were buried beneath Johnston Street.  It is one of the strangest things that we have ever encountered and it really seems like people are trying to keep things hush-hush.  Given the history of the witches behavior, they may be hiding in the bodies of local residents, or perhaps they have moved onto a different area altogether but left behind such terror that nobody wants to revisit the past.  I'm not entirely sure.  One thing I do know is that we would have dug up the street, but you can't just go around digging through public streets for witch coffins.  They kind of frown upon this.  
We did do a thorough investigation and we came back with this piece.  While this piece doesn't conjure the thirteen brides of Satan, you probably wouldn't really want to hang out with them anyhow.  Rather, this piece was created on Johnston street and instead conjures the leftover powers that were in each of the Thirteen witch's coffins.  They have been blasted-- and I mean BLASTED-- with white light power, so that way any remnant of evil has been removed from their existence.  What you have left is a dual form of magic-- thirteen powers-- that can be used for dual purposes.  Dual means that the magic is neither light or evil, it is just energy.  You can use these powers in whichever way you decide is appropriate for your purposes.   There is no wrong way to use these powers, as they will be given to you free of any type of restrictions, just know that God is always watching and you will be judged for your actions on Earth.  These are the powers of the Thirteen Brides of Satan:  
1.)  Dual Alchemy-  This power will allow you change yourself, just as the witches used this power to transform themselves into ravaging wolves and later into entirely different human beings.  You can use this power to change your form into any creature or being that you choose to take.
2.)  Dual Sorcery-  This piece is a prolific power because it embodies all of the energies that you find around you.  Everything gives off a certain energy.  It is how you manipulate this energy that determines what kind of magic you will create.  There are no limits to the way you use this power; and when there is a will there is a way.  It will give you the knowledge to turn the energies around you into whatever powers you choose to create.  
3.)  Dual Birthing-  These witches were notorious for creating little boggarts, trolls, gremlins, hobgoblins, those sort of things.  They would create these things and then send them off into the villages to torment people.  You can use this powers to create your own types of creatures, but only in the astral realm.  I mean, they will show themselves to you, they just won't be visible to anyone else though.  There are no limits on the way you can use this piece and you can even use it to create djinn, angels, fairies, elves, etc-- whatever you want!
4.)  Spirit Conjuring- This is a pretty straight forward power.  This allows you to conjure any spirit, regardless of type, regardless of circumstance.  
5.)  Dual Protection-  This is a powerful protection piece that will create a barrier that you will customize.  You can control what it protects you from.  Maybe you want it to protect you from white powers.  Maybe you want it to protect you from dark powers.  Maybe you only want to be protected from spells and hexes.  Whatever type of protection you want, this will give it to you.  
6.)  Dual Witchcraft-  Although these are all witchcraft powers, this one is specifically for creating spells.  This energy will allow you to create vocal magic-- or a spell-- for any circumstance that you might find it necessary to do so.  For instance, you can create a binding spell, a love spell, a money spell, a luck spell, whatever.  They can be either light or dark. 
7.)  Complacency-  This gives you the ability to control the mood of your immediate surroundings.  For instance, if there is an angry mob of pitch-fork wielding citizens with lynches and torches that want to kill you (as I'm sure these witches faces frequently), this will allow you to create a bubble that will alleviate the mood.  This is also how the witches got Jeanette DePalma to follow them into the woods.  It works almost like mind-control or seduction.  
8.)  Dual Travel-  I wasn't going to list this a "dual" power, but after thinking about it, it really is.  This is a very in-your-face type of power and will make things that you've only ever imagined or dreamt about come to life.  It will allow you travel to the highest realms of Heaven or the deepest pits of hell.  You can fly with the angels or slither with the demons.  You can elevate yourself to a place where you will learn all the white light powers of heaven-- or you go can go to, you know, the other place and find out all the powers that lurk in the darkness.  One thing for sure is that while this is astral travel, it will appear as if you are actually there in the flesh.  The color is vivid and when we used this piece to travel into Hell, we could smell rotting flesh and ash.  We also used it to behold the beauty of heaven, even places where normal mortal eyes are not allowed to see.  
9.)  Dual Healing-  This will give you a healing of whatever type you prefer.  Generally speaking, healing is something that usually has positive undertones connected to it, but I supposed if dark magic is your thing there is some sort of healing that has been designed for this, too.  We wouldn't really know as we don't do dark magic.  This healing will make you right with whatever creed you swear allegiance to, amplifying how strong your powers are, dozens of times.  
10.)  Psychic ability-  This doesn't really have a dual connotation to it.  It simply is what it is.  It opens up your full faculty of psychic powers and will give them to you in accordance to what you want to do.  For instance, it can allow you to see into the past and the future.  It allows you to read the minds of others.  It will allow you the ability of scrying or past life regression.  It will give you the ability to be able to tell the past or future simply by touching something.  It will also allow you send powers to other people through telepathic waves.  
11.)  Power Imprinting-  This is a pretty cool power, actually.  It is almost like a psychic ability, except it's not.  W
ith this, you will pick up on the powers that those around you have.  Right now in your current state, you probably can't tell those who have powers from those who do not.  This piece will actually allow you to "read" people in order to tell what powers they exhibit.  If it is a power that you like, it will allow you to make an imprint on your DNA, thus giving you this very same power.  
12.)  Necromancy-  This is simply the ability to raise people from the dead.  This is often done in voodoo, but is familiar to witches of all types.  With this power you can create zombies, who will then be in servitude to you until the day you send them back to the grave.  They will perform any task that you want them to perform.  
13.)  Dual wish-granting-  As it suggests, this piece is the ability to grant wishes.  It doesn't matter whether you are granting your own wish or another person's, you will be able to grant any wish of any kind.