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Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.  
-Jesus Of Nazareth
This is a somewhat tragic story of an otherwise good soul that went completely awry.  Somehow these things happened back in those time.  Life was pretty much centered around the church.  Those things that happened that weren't according to what the church would deem as "acceptable" were swept under the rug.  Sometimes these were simply actions, but sometimes they involved human lives.  There were lots of times when families would turn on their own family members to try to keep the church from finding out their secrets.  Royal families were notorious for these types of actions.  They even locked up their brothers and nephews in order to win the throne.  It's just the influence that the church had over people.  They used scare tactics to get people to follow their rules and to do their biddings.  
Jovana was the daughter of a prominent German family.  Her existence, till this very day, isn't even recorded in family records.  She was a mistake and sadly she was never supposed to happen.  Her father was a rather charming young man, who was born into money and had been given everything he ever wanted his entire life.  He had quite a way with the women and it came as no surprise at the ripe young age of 19, he had impregnated a woman of lower social standing, instead of marrying into nobility like his family had intended.  To complicate matters even further, there was no consecrated marriage between the two.  Sexual relations, at least out in the open, were forbidden until married.  You know that they were all doing what they wanted to do behind close doors, but in public, people had to maintain their image of sanctity and piety.  This is why when Jovana's father impregnated a peasant girl, it needed to be taken care of.  
Forests in Germany grow thick.  Until this day there are still areas of Germany's Black Forest that aren't exactly well-known.  There are strange things that go on in those woods.  They were even a hotbed of experimental activity for Hitler and the terrible things he did with the Jews and his obsession with the metaphysical.  At the time of Jovana's birth, things were even more primitive than they are now.  I mean, consider the fact that there was very little accurate technology in those days, as electricity wasn't even developed in these times.  Getting lost in these woods was something that was very easy to do. 
When Jovana's mother found out she was pregnant, it was a happy day.  Her prominent lover insisted that they keep the child, but his family was more about their image than they were the free willed love of two young people.  They didn't want their reputation ruined, so for the entirety of the pregnancy they forced the young pregnant woman to take up permanent residence at their estate.  She didn't want to go, but they threatened her family if she didn't comply with their wishes.  They would have gotten away with it as well.  Nobody really cared about the poor people in those times.  They treated them like filth.  It's not like today, where if you are poor and you don't feel like working you can just go stand in a line and get welfare.  The poor people worked hard and they still didn't get any of the fruits of their labor.  It was presented to the rich because this is how society worked.  The son, Jovana's father was forced to go into hiding with his impregnated lover, or face being disowned at the hands of his family.  If such a secret were to get out, it would be entirely over for them.  
The nine months was the most agonizing for the young lady, except for the fact that she got to spend it with the love of her life.  As a cover, the family of the young man told people he was away studying in England.  It's not like today, where if you want to know something about somebody you hop on Facebook and go stalking.  In these days, everything was done by writing or word of mouth, so when the rich family told people they had sent their son off to study, nobody really questioned it.  It was common practice.  The family was not the nicest to the young lady, given her social status-- all except for the young man.  He truly loved his young girlfriend and kept her company during her nine  months of captivity.  It was like they lived in their own little joyful world, together.  This joy was to be short lived.  After Jovana was born, the family ordered the young man's mistress to be murdered to hide any extra evidence.  The young man tried to stop this, but he didn't really have a say.  About a week after Jovana was born, her mother was disposed of.  The young noble was distraught and posed a threat to his family.  He was sent away to live with some other family members.
As for the child, she was called Jovana by her father, before he was forced to leave.  She was taken care of properly even after the father was sent away. The child was sent to live in a cottage with hired caretakers, all of whom were always killed after their duty to the family.  This was due to the simple fact that the family didn't want their business found out.  They went to extreme measures to make sure nobody knew about the illegitimate child.  How they could view their murderous acts as alright, but the child as a condemnation I'll never understand.  Why they kept her alive I will never understand.  I'm sure she served some propose or another to them, but I can't imagine what.  As the child grew, she grew alone, with no other interaction other than those who were sent to look after her.  Of course, after awhile these people would go missing and a new caretaker would be sent.  Jovana never really grew close to any of her caretakers for this reason.  She found solace in nature and the woods around her.  She enjoyed the animals and the scenery.  She didn't know that real life even existed outside of the woods. 
As Jovana grew, the caretakers grew less frequent in their visits and by the time she was 13, she was almost entirely on her own, save for the people who were sent with the bare necessities such as bread and water.  Again, this is all Jovana ever knew, so it was common place for her.  When she was a young child, one of her caretakers had read her a story about a wishing well.  I guess Jovana took this a little more literally than most, given the fact that she was left alone with only her imagination most of the time.  There just so happened that there was a well behind the cottage that served as Jovana's prison.  Most days she would sit by the well and wish for a friend.  It wasn't until she was 15 when she finally got an answer.  From the well came a voice that was smooth and certain, assuring Jovana that he would be her friend.  Since the little girl was very sheltered she had no reason to believe that there was any malice in the world.  Thus, she trusted the voice. 
The voice told her about life and what she was missing, but the young girl just mused at the stories, because she was always told that there was nothing beyond the woods in which she was kept.  The voice appeared to her as an angel, which was a wolf in sheep's clothing.  He showed her many tricks of magic, with which Jovana was highly amused.  The angel would visit her for hours at a time, showing her tricks he could with his magic.  He could create things out of this air.  He could change his form into whatever he wanted to be.  He taught her many different types of tricks and magic, so that way she could do them on her own.  He taught her how to say spells and to create what she wanted with her mind.  He taught her just about any type of magic there was to know.
It wasn't until much later that he came to Jovana and tricked her, in the name of friendship, to promise her soul to him when she passed, so they could remain friends forever.  I probably don't have to tell you that this was the Devil in disguise.  In the well there was a metaphysical portal that merges this world with the next.  I told you, strange things happen in these woods.  Satan used this portal to come through and communicate with the girl.  She trusted him because he was the only voice she had ever known besides her own and the caretakers'.  Jovana did not know any better, though.  She was never taught.  She was promised immortality through this arrangement, but of course that never came.  She used all of the magic that the devil had taught her, which was essentially black magic.  She could shape-shift into anything she wanted.  She could use mind control.  She could cast spells, curses, and hexes.  She spent most of her time learning new magic from her friend.
When she died,  Jovana was sent to Heaven for judgement.  I can only imagine her reaction when she was told that what she had been doing all along had been wrong.  Her friend was the deceiver and the magic he had taught her was nothing but pure evil.  She had never really known this concept and it took her a little bit to understand, until God imparted all of His knowledge into her.  She wept during judgement and cried out for mercy.  God was just to grant her the mercy she deserved due to the lack of her accountability, for she had never been taught.  To earn her redemption she would be sent to a purgatory, where she would fight for the forgiveness and mercy of Christ.  Her soul was placed into a painting in order for her to return to Earth.  Why God chose this vehicle, I'll never understand, but this is how she was sent.  Her mission?  To perform 777 miracles.  Not until then will she be able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  
Deedee got this painting at an auction.  Nobody really seemed to interested in the painting of the homely looking old lady.  I don't even know who is depicted in the painting.  It's not Jovana, it's just where her soul is trapped.  Deedee was able to pick up on her presence at once, and knew that she had to have this portrait.  The portrait came home with us, where we were able to summon forth the presence of Jovana.  Jovana then told us her story, which I have just finished telling you.  It is tragedy and forgiveness at its finest.  It occurred to us that Jovana hasn't been having much luck with performing her Miracles.  Thus, we agreed to help her.  
In performing her miracles, she is merely granting powers.  This is what was meant by miracles-- although these powers have to be pure white light.  Nothing dark at all.  Not a shred of dark.  She had been completely transformed and all of the knowledge the Satan gave her has been completely re-composed as nothing but white light.  After all, was Satan not first Lucifer, the morning star and holder of all God's knowledge.  Anyway, the miracles she has to grant are these pieces that we are offering now.  We agreed to help her get her miracles in, if we could offer them on the website. Thus, you see these pieces here.  
The white light has already been set into this piece, and it is ready to perform a miracle for you.  By miracle I mean it will give you any white light power that you want.  All you have to do is call out what power (or miracle) you want granted to you.  For instance, you may want white light wealth or white light luck.  You may want to find true love.  You may want to open your third eye to grant your own white light powers to yourself, you may want a wish granted.  You may want astral travel into Heaven, you may want to be able to time travel to visit the life and times of Christ.  This piece will also work if you want psychic ability, or to shape-shift, or to be able to birth your own angels.   Whatever power you want, this piece will bring it to you in the form of a miracle. 
Again, Jovana has already spoken an empty miracle into each one of these pieces.  All you have to do is activate the miracle to bring you whatever white light power you want.  If you want more than one power, you can buy more than one piece.  You light three candles-- one in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  The candles must be white candles.  Light the one in the middle first and then use this one to light the other two-- in whatever order you feel necessary, but you have to start with the one in the middle.  Then, when all three of your candles are lit, you must call out the power you want placed into your miracle piece. 
Allow the candles to burn until all three of them go out. When the candles are done burning, the power that you called out will now have been resurrected into your item.  Make sure your item is by the candles the entire time they are being burned, so it can be washed in the Holy Light and baptized with the Holy Fire.  When this process is over, you will be able to use your piece for whatever power it is you asked for.