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The world is inching closer to the end times.  By end times, I mean those time when the world is going to see a one world government.  They will try to force us into a one world religion.  There will be universal currency, chipping of individuals, and not too long after that will be when everyone begins receiving the mark of the beast.  It is said that the mark of the beast will not be something people are overtly forced into, but rather something that people will be enticed into doing.  It's kind of like the way the government will be entice its citizens into so-called, "FEMA" camps; but if the camps are for the sole purpose of keeping the citizens safe during an uprising or nuclear attack, tell me why the guns in these centers are facing inwards and not outwards.  Deedee has shown me places where these FEMA camps are being set up and I can tell you all now that they look more like prisons than they do friendly resting places.  
As some of you know, last week a government training operation known as Jade Helm 15 was undertaken.  Some citizens were in an uproar over the fact that Jade Helm's operation looked scarily like martial law.  They thought that the soldiers were coming to take their guns away.  This is not how it is going work.  In fact, they aren't going to take your guns away.  If you are one of the ones that are going to be wrangled, they will make it so that way you surrender your guns willingly.  This is why they have undergone this operation peaceably.  Next time they roll through you might think to yourself that there is nothing to worry about, because they never did anything the last time-- then,BAM!!  Before you know it, they will have hit you faster than lightning hit Benny Franklin's kite. They won't do it by means of our own people either.  This will done via patriotism and false flag attacks, so that way it looks like our government has our collective best interest at stake.  
In telling you this, I hope not to scare you, but to enlighten you.  Here is where I throw something completely off the wall into the mix.  One of our clients that we work with on a continual basis lives in one of the seven states in which Jade Helm took place.  She recounted what exactly went on in her neck of the woods, but I wouldn't want to get her in any type of trouble, so I have left her name and most of the conversation we've had out of this description.  Just know that she was there to witness it and she said it was the strangest thing that she has ever seen in her life.  In fact, she even sent this piece that she said she found in the street after the process was all over.  She said she didn't know if one of the operatives had dropped it or what, but she had picked it up and immediately felt the presence of the power that was in the piece.  She said that although she helps us with pieces from time to time that she thought that this particular time she should leave it up to the experts to decipher.  
We haven't had much time with this piece, but I can assure you that we have tested this piece through and through.  The power in this piece is very real and is very present.  You don't have to really play around much with this one to get the power to come to you.  The weird thing about the powers in this piece is that they aren't even of our own world.  Rather, they are of another world completely and the material that the piece is made out of is some type of extra-terrestrial jade.  This just opens up a whole new perspective for the Jade Helm operation.  Did it have something to do with aliens?  Are reptilians who have infiltrated our government implementing the exercises, so they can cage us up like animals?  I can't tell you that I have all the answers for you.  I really wish I did.  I'd like to tell you, though, that with this piece finding out those answers is very possible.
This piece comes energetically charged with a spark of power that is going to open up your third eye completely.  This is going to allow you to use this piece to the maximum of its capabilities.  All you have to do in order to activate the powers in this piece is wear it.  That is it.  The powers will bond with you and then you will be able to use them.  When you look through the small hole in this piece, it will be like looking through a peep hole.  You will be able to see through it into other worlds, realms, and plains of existence.  You will be able will be able to experience the life and times of alien existence, their powers, and their knowledge.  You will be able to communicate with these being via the psychic waves that you will develop with the opening of your chakra.  When you hold this piece, they will think that you are part of them and that you are supposed to know, so they will tell you any hidden secret of the universe that you are curious to knowing.  All you have to do is ask them.  
Finally, in order to properly use this piece, there was an entity conjured into it when we started testing the piece.  We tested this piece almost non-stop and it was really hard to solve  the mystery behind the entity of the piece.  It turns out that it is called a Galaxy Granter.  They are born of the powers of the cosmos and star matter.  They are highly magical beings and you can think of them kind of like djinn-- but only universal ones.  Like djinn, they grant an unlimited amount of wishes and when you hold this piece you are the master.  You can wish for whatever you want and your inner most desires will come true!