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These pieces were given to use by a guy who simply went by the name McLellan.  Nobody ever really seemed to know what his first name was, or maybe he was always too drunk to ever remember what it was.  Either way, everybody I knew just always called him McLellan.  As I'm sure you will have figured out, the old man was Irish and the reason I knew him was because I had gone to the Irish Pub that he was always drunk at.  It was a corner pub in the town that I am from, which is actually more like a small city.  
From what I understand McLellan spent most of his days there, drunk as an old fool.  I'm not being stereotypical, but Irish do have a legacy of being professional drinkers, so I guess nobody really thought this was irregular.  I have only ever had an in depth conversation with McLellan a hand full of times.  Once was because he didn't like the shirt I was wearing, so he thought he'd let everyone in the bar know about it.  Another time, he thought that it was my turn to buy him a drink.
Well on the particular time that he thought it was my turn to buy him a drink, I did.  I mean, it was standard protocol.  People bought booze for McLellan all the time.  He had a fiery Irish attitude and if he asked for a drink and you didn't give him one there was hell to pay.  So, I obliged, trying to keep the piece.  I sat down with McLellan, who was drunk but not as drunk as he normally was.  We chatted for a while about a lot of things.  One subject we got on was about the fact that I work for Haunted Curiosities.  At the end of the conversation, he invited me over to his house the following day and said he had something he wanted to give me.  He gave me his address and I agreed to meet him at noon the next day.
When I first arrived at McLellan's house, I have to say I was a bit surprised.  It was one of the mansions in the Southside District of town.  I had expected him to live in some run down two bedroom apartment on the North Side.  Guess you can't judge a book by its cover.  Someone answered the door and instructed me to sit that McLellan would be with me in just a moment.  I obliged.  
About twenty minutes later, McLellan came barging through the room from a doorway caddy corner from where I was sitting.  He was his usual drunk self, but seemed to have a sparkle in his eye today, as he held out his hand and showed me the two pins.  
"Look like clowns, don't they?" he demanded.
"I suppose so..." I lingered.  
"Well, they're not, boy.  They're Leprechauns... and bloody good ones at that.  They've given me all that you see."
After a long story about how he had received these leprechauns himself from an experience he had with a sorcerer, he dismissed me from his home-- and I do mean dismissed me.  Apparently, he gets a massage every day at the same time and it was soon time for the massage.  He went on about how he didn't want to lose out on his chance to be touched by a younger lady and that it was time for me to go-- so I went.  
After testing these pieces, I'll be darned if the story that McLellan told me wasn't spot on.  There are a pair of them.  They look identical and the both grant the same power.  They are wealth Leprechauns from some realm or another.  We didn't really do that much research into the where, because this item is all about the what-- as is what can this piece do for you.  And question really should be, what can't this piece do for you?  
It is often said that money makes the world go 'round.  This couldn't be more true in today's day and age.  That is why these two little dancing leprechauns will bring you extreme wealth.  All you have to do is wear the pin somewhere on your body.  When you walk, the legs on the bottom of the Leprechaun, whose feet are clad in roller skates for some reason, will bobble back and forth.  Well, in the metaphysical realms, the leprechauns will be doing an ancient wealth jig.  This will summon wealth powers to you and the wealth that you've been waiting for all your life will begin to roll in-- in exorbitant amounts.  Cha-ching!!