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This piece is a very powerful esoteric piece that we have come into contact with.  It holds the powers of one Eliphas Levi, who was born in France and is one of the most celebrated occult writes of all times.  You can get books will teach you his magic, as these are the same workings of occult magic that the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn was founded upon.  His teachings have made Victorian magic that much more powerful, because using what he called Transcendental Magic, he was able to unlock numerous capabilities of the human body, that the average person-- including many people who claim to be mystics-- just wasn't able to unlock.
In his beginnings, Eliphas was introduced to the Rosicrucian belief system of magic and sorcery by Edward Bulwer-Lytton.  He was a magical man in and of his own right, but you can research, this piece has nothing to do with him.  Eliphas' influence from the Rosicrucian channels of magic and esoteric truth allowed him to really grow in power to become among the highest levels of the practicing Rosicrucian wizards.  
Due to his studies and travels to find out as much as he possibly could about magic and where it comes from, Eliphas developed his own form of magic that was called, as I mentioned before Transcendental magic.  He also developed a medium for psychic and spiritualists that you might recognize.  They are called Tarot cards and were designed as a vehicle for mystics to read the futures of others.  In doing this he also discovered three addition concepts of reality.
The first of these concepts is that human will power and its desire to accomplish magic things will create them.  By this he meant that the only thing that lies between anyone and being able to perform magic is their willingness to believe.  We live in a society that rather believe that Biden is going to save the lives of millions, when in fact we should be taking a closer look at our own genome, to see the roots of our existence, rather than selling dead babies for body parts.  The point is the human mind is very dumb.  Most of them can't see past their noses.  If it doesn't exist in front of their noses and they can't see it, it must not be real.  Of course they are too lazy to go seeking truths.  If they were disciplined and committed to relinquishing themselves form their carnal prison, they surely could-- and so can you!  
Second, The material universe is only ONE part of our reality.  In fact, there are billions of parts of reality.  Each decision you have ever made creates another reality, where somewhere in the universe the opposite reaction of the decision you could have and didn't exist.  Thus, there is a rich you somewhere, or a magic you, or a you that has found true love, or a you that has become immortal, or a you that is famous, or a you that hasn't screwed your life up so much, or a you that has been able to travel to space.  You get the picture.  Each series of events tangles a web of billions of possibilities.  It is a network of realities that could have been you, but aren't.  They are playing out somewhere there in an inter-dimensional time lapse, as if you had actually made that decision.  
The final is that the you that you are currently being, the one that is reading this right now, only exists on a tiny level of existence.  You are linked to all of the other forms of existence.  When you act on one, you could change the others.  It is a domino effect because obviously if you choose not to take a job that would have paid you millions, and you are still sitting around taking handouts, you might be bitter.  Hey, maybe in an alternate universe there is somewhere where slaves never existed and everyone loves each other and that happy horse crap, but this is the reality we currently reside.  So, all that happiness has been pushed aside and there are riots by people who they are owed something for living their life.  Of course, you can apply this theory to almost anyone's life or circumstance.  The thing is that these realities are so closely related and woven together that they influence one another in subliminal ways all the time.  It's part of why people experience forms of deja vu where they've felt like they've been there fore or they've done that before.  It's pretty complex.  
The piece that we have applies the principles of transcendatal magic forms.  With these magic forms, you will really become like a god.  It's not that you will be able to control the world or change the history of the world.  You will, however, be able to control your own.  This piece will open up your eyes and mind and allow you to see into your own alternate realities-- to see your selves, what you could've been or what you should've been.  It will allow you to pull from these selves, whatever attributes that you like the best and bring them into your current mortal reality.  For instance, you can search through your selves and find one that is rich to bring yourself wealth power.  You could search for one that is happily married and use it for true love.  You can find a you that lives in a spirit camp if you want all the knowledge and power of witchcraft.  You can find a you that was part of the Illuminati to bring wealth and influence.  I mean, the possibilities are practically endless, as there are literally billions of them. Again, you will be able to pull, literally, any power that you want with this piece, because somewhere, some place there is a you that been through it before.