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Dee Dee's special birthday gift/f*

The Witches’ ring is both a symbol and a tool of magic. As a symbol, it identifies the wearer as a practitioner of the Old Ways and declares one as a user of magic. As a tool, the ring connects the Witch to the metaphysical concepts whereby Witches weave their magic. The ring serves as a reminder to the Witch of the forces at hand and acts as a conduit to and from those Occult forces readily available to the Witch.

This piece has had a spell put on it; it was prepared to protect the person who wears it! Below you will see how this ring was prepared.

The preparation of the Witches’ ring began two days before the first night of the Full Moon at midnight. The spell called for a ring with a stone setting. I consulted a table of occult correspondences for a stone that I wanted to form an alignment with. After I selected this blue-green stone I performed the following ritual:

1. I consecrated the ring to the four elements. To do this, we prepared four bowls. We poured salt into one bowl, placed smoking incense in another, the third bowl had a lighted red votive candle, and then we poured clean water into the last bowl. Then the ring was touched to each bowl while we said:

"I consecrate thee by earth (salt), air (incense), fire (votive candle), and water (water bowl)."

2. I then poured a small amount of personal cologne in the burning dish. We lit the fluid and then held the ring over the flame, turning it, and chanting:

"I dedicate and consecrate this ring to be a ring of witchery unto the bearer with the powers of the Goddess three, the Lady of all witchery, and as my word so mote it be."

3. I then placed an incense of the moon in a bowl and lit it. After the incense was lit I put a bottle of moon oil nearby. The ring was then centered over the incense, passing it through the smoke three times. Then the ring was anointed with the oil; and then it was wrapped in a red cloth and left for three nights in a place where the moon was sure to shine on it each night

After the ring was in place, in the red cloth, I chanted the following over the ring:

"Any and all who perfect an image of me, with my likeness or as a crude consecrated image to be me, to do me bodily harm or to injure me spiritually and try to take my breath away, to cause me to dwindle or pine, pine away to nothing, to wish evil upon me, to badger me with their anger or bad thoughts, by picture, image, or name, the ring of my Lady protect me, metal and stone, flesh and bone, safe forever in your powers, free from evil, fear or despair; on the sender of the evil will rebound by the law of the Lady thrice crowned, hearken all unto me, as I speak, so might it be."

After this was finished the ring was tested and we found out that the spell I cast worked. This ring should be worn whenever you are in a ritual setting, or whenever you feel the need for protection. On the night of each full moon from the time you receive the piece, you should anoint the ring again by rubbing a drop of oil on the stone. Then raise the ring up toward the moon and ask for blessings in the name of the goddess.

I just typed this up and Dee Dee told me to scrap this. She said I need to keep the ring because the spell was done for me and would not work for another person. She said spells must be done with the person who they are for in mind for and not done in a general as it weakens or will not work at all.

Dee Dee said if I wanted to place a spelled item up I should call Shine to empower them for specific things,so I did. In the next two weeks Shine will come and empower a piece specific to you. This item will have a wait on it because we will wait for Shine to help in doing them.

The other reason we wait is that Dee Dee's birthday was June 26th and this is a special day. It was a full moon but also a day when there was a special alignment with the planets. The planets formed a cross of which Jesus was placed. It was Todd that showed Dee Dee a video of this and then she began paying attention to the phone calls she was getting. She began getting phone calls from all over telling her that her birthday this year was marked as a important date. That on that night she would be given a special gift as would most that were born on that year and date and on the east coast. For those of you that know your astrology you may look this up. Those people born on that year and date were going to be given a gift from God. This also marked the beginning of the end.

Dee Dee was not sure if this was true until she looked at the video and began placing it together. That evening Dee Dee had a dream in which she was woke to see a huge man who could not show his face. He presented her with his two hands and opened them up to her. She reached and took what looked like a blazing white light into her own hands. She also learned why she was seeing important people now passed on,St. Germain being one of them and others she has not gone into yet. These people were giving her the ability to pass things on to those that will use them in a time of need. One of the many things she has been working with is healing. This is tangible but there are other things of the mind as well,psychic abilities are flourishing and her third eye is open all the time now. There seems to be things she also has to be careful of as some people with ill intentions are drawn to her. One woman in particular,the story is to long to tell.

I think that of all the events that Dee Dee has gone to or seen of the paranormal this one is the most impressive. We still don't know all it entails but she is learning. Nothing is of darkness but she can now clearly see the darkness in people and know the why of it all. The ring that Dee Dee put up is a part of this and has a lot to do with the undying snake. I have told her to hurry up and get it on,to explain to people what it is. It seems that this is the time we are living in and we need all the help we can get.

It also seems there are many key players in this and some of them are losing their minds or being led down the wrong path. Some have great businesses going but seem to be losing control of them. Fake guides,evil placed thoughts,it is all part of the soon to come war.

The last vision Dee Dee had was of war but a spiritual one. I have been around her long enough to know that this is real. Those of white light will survive and become powerful. I hate to rattle on but I have been impressed after looking at the information and seeing for myself.

To cut this down and make it short, Dee Dee and Shine will now be working together to get these pieces done. Dee Dee and SHine have done a few that are ready and those are the ones I would go for. One is for understanding and it is more then you could imagine. Understanding is power and it manifests in psychic ability that is strong. You see the world, St.Germain.Joan of Arc, Various Saints and the power they have is handed over to you. This also includes white light witches and any creature of God,Unicorns,etc. This power is being handed to you because you will use it and you will need it. You can ask for what you want but nothing dark will be done. It goes against what this incredible gift from God that was given to Dee Dee.

No one is perfect nor a Saint but the soul is what matters. I believe one of the reasons that it was handed to Dee Dee is not just the predestined path but the compassion that she feels for others. I know her well and even though she has a bad temper she would still help her enemy if they were in pain or starving. I would do the same as I'm about love and understanding. We know that now is the time to begin a new world and if some don't want to join us they don't have to but there is no need for hate. We are all going to be up against some serious darkness soon.

I would hope that some of you do your own research and take this seriously. Shine and Dee Dee will be putting all they have onto this. There is no picture as the right piece will be given to you.