Shades of Death/F*

Shades of Death/F*

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A blood-curdling axe murder, at the hands of a distraught woman who couldn't handle her husband anymore; I think we all can relate to the thoughts of this!

The murderess was the young wife of a settler who came to the area and built a house in the forest. The man was a drunkard who beat his wife unmercifully. One night, she turned the tables on her abusive spouse.

After her passed out from drinking a full bottle of whiskey, she took the axe, which her husband had often threatened to use to kill her, and she struck him in the head with it.

Neighbors discovered the body the following day, the young wife told her story, and they allowed her to go free. The men buried the husband's body somewhere in the woods, and the justifiable homicide remained a closely guarded secret for several years.

The woman owned a fancy oval shell ring that she wore all the time. When she bashed her husband in the head, blood and brains were splattered all over the house. She even got blood on her ring. When she later washed her hands she realized that the ring had a red hindrance upon the shell. She scrubbed and scrubbed and instead of getting better the shell grew in the center.

She took the ring off and put it in her bedroom. Every night she was overwhelmed with remorse and guilt and eventually moved out of her home. The house has remained a place that hikers love to observe; the woods are known as the shades of death due to the homicide that took place.

The home went up for public auction years ago and we obtained the shell ring that the woman used to love. She left it behind when she left the house. It has a dark spirit within it.

The ring is filled with vengeance and rage. Her husband lives on in this piece; his blood adorns the opal! This piece will enlighten you with powers of revenge. The drunkard man realized in death what he didn't in life, and that was how horrible he was toward his wife!

His spirit lives within this ring so he can help other people who are in an abusive relationship. You never know how bad a situation is until it's too late!

The ring captures the man’s spirit and he will help any woman wearing it have the strength to stand up to an abusive man. You will not gain the power to or right to kill anyone, but you will receive the guidance and strength to overcome the horrid situation in which you may be in.

The blood spot on this ring will be a constant reminder of what can happen if you don't get out of a bad situation. Use the remorse of this spirit to find revenge and peace so that you will prosper and be free!

This is what we first felt about this ring but in an update we learned much more. The woman would often turn to the occult to help her cope with her situation. This we have learned while testing various items in our inventory. We have been doing this through various ways including seances held with Shine and others. This is sterling silver ring and is antique. But along with the revenge and protection you have a mermaid,fresh water,not your normal kind. While the ring was covered in blood that is not what your looking at. Your looking at the power of the mermaid but the man still resides inside too.

Once we made contact we were able to speak with both. One does just magic and the other protection along with revenge. We have to classify this as a dual magic item.