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15 - Love/F*

My friend Dori and I got together on a Wednesday evening to play a game of tennis; we decided to play together after watching the U.S. Open. Neither of us really had any experience with tennis... except for the few days you learn in high school gym class.

We went out and bought raquets and balls and thought that it would be fun! We didn't know where the closest public tennis courts were, so we stopped and asked a cop that was parked on a side street outside of Dori's development. We both thought that there was something weird about the cop, but neither of us said anything at the time. I am not sure if it was the way that he was dressed or his attitude. But anyway, he did give us clear directions to tennis courts that were only supposed to be a few blocks away.

We followed the cops directions and turned right onto the street where the courts were supposed to be located; sure enough just as we turned on the street we saw three tennis courts in front of us. We looked to see if any were available, but all were occupied. It struck us both as odd that all the players were dressed in white, which was a little formal for a municipal tennis court. We both noticed a young lady in the right court wearing a short, white tennis dress with a gleaming flower pin; we figured it must have been her good luck piece. She was preparing to address the serve.

We decided we would wait for a court to come free, and I pulled my car into a parking area immediately on my right. Dori got out of the car first and the said "Where did the tennis courts go?" I got out of the car and noticed that we were alone. "They were right there!" I said. The tennis courts, the players, and everything we had been looking at were gone! Instead, there was a building in front of us that had not been visible when we turned down the road.

Strangely, neither of us were afraid, though we both agreed that what we had encountered was "too weird." Dori saw something shining in the grass where we had witnessed the courts; she went over and found this beautiful piece! The piece was the piece that we saw the girl, who was about to serve, wearing!

We both got back in the car and drove to find other tennis courts to play at. I later did research and learned that there were tennis courts at the location we had been.... but they had been torn down in 1954! Dori let me keep the piece and I asked Deedee if she could test it for me.

She did a ritual to call upon the piece and learn what abilities it held. We learned that the pin belonged to Lucy Greiner. She had been an avid tennis player and socialite of the community. Lucy was poised, proper and intelligent. She was envied by many women throughout the county.

She wore this pin to bring her luck when playing; it was a gift from her grandmother --- and was worn for luck because of the array of beautiful crystals.

This piece holds a mystical center stone of plenitude, which is Used for abundance and fullness in every part of your life! The darker white stones are power stones that help you to let go of anger and bitterness, so your emotions are balanced. The lighter green stones will draw money and prosperity to the person who adorns this piece. This pin will change your life by balancing your energies and granting you a new outlook on life and what it has to offer ~ the attribute to lore money your way also is a great feature.

Endure the spirit of Lucy and understand the allure that others witnessed about her; you will be given the powers that she left behind. You will be blessed with a life full of abundance and greatness --- all you have to do is wear this piece and luck will come your way!

Win big with this pin --- it's your serve, are you going to score?