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Quarry Nightmare/F*

There is quarry in a nearby town where many people enjoy swimming. My cousin Brett was a lifeguard at the quarry over the summer while he was in high school. They didn't let people swim too deep into the water, however, because once they hit the middle of the water it turned black and you couldn't see the swimmers anymore.

Brett was paranoid about losing someone because of the darkness that eluted from the water. He even had a recurring nightmare that he had to save a girl from drowning and once he got to the blackness in the water he would come up to save himself and only have a bracelet that slipped off of the girl.

He would wake up in a sweat, scared that he would have to face this nightmare one day while working. The event did occur, but not while working... he had this nightmare again, but this time it was more real. He could feel himself in the water, it was cold and his heart was beating like crazy. He once again got to the middle of the waters where the girl had vanished, dove down to get her and then surfaced because he felt he was going to drown himself! He came up with the bracelet in his hand and woke up.

He sat straight up in bed, he was horrified of how real the dream was; in his hand he held the bracelet, he began to feel sick. Brett never had this dream again, but he always felt guilty that he wasn't able to try again to save the girl!

He gave the bracelet to my sister years ago and I recently got the piece when she was going through items for a yard sale.

I remembered his story and wanted to test the bracelet. I brought the piece to Deedee and we did a seance to call upon the piece for answers. The bracelet belonged to a mermaid who lived in quarry lake! She didn't drown, so Brett has nothing to feel guilty about. He was taken through a quantum leap to the quarry, so his "dream" wasn't a dream, it was real!

When he was sent back to his own realm he still clutched the bracelet, which traveled along. The bracelet holds powers of the mermaid. It will enable the person who wears it to hypnotize those around them, travel to the world beneath the water and it will grant wishes to a person who believes.

The mermaid that this piece belonged to lives in a quarry in Pennsylvania, but the abilities can lead you beneath vast bodies of water all over the world. You will be granted wishes through purification activities and your desires will become reality based upon your mind set to understand and believe in the ideals of the mermaid and her powers~

The most easy power to use is the ability to hypnotize others; this can be done by glistening the radiance from the bracelet across someone's face. You will then be able to put them in a trance and insight information and knowledge to those around you. This is a one of a kind AMAZING piece!

~It is very rare to have an item come through realms and still hold this much power!

This piece is sterling silver and holds real crystals,it is beautiful. An update on this item is that each crystal does something different. One is for beauty,wealth,moving through worlds and so on.