Ancient Aachen/steven

Ancient Aachen/steven

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Situated on the westernmost tip of Germany is the sacred town Aachen. This ancient town dates back to the Neolithic period, between the third and fourth millennium BC. However, it was not until about the fourth century AD that the Roman Empire would tap into the full magical powers that are beheld by this sacred city. Upon the rediscovery of the town of Aachen, the Romans nicknamed the town Aquae Granni, which translates to, “the Waters of Grannus,”-- and for good reason.

Who is Grannus? He is the Celtic God of Healing. He was worshipped throughout most of Europe and is associated with such healing springs as those at Trier in Germany and Grand in eastern France. Grannus is said to have blessed the hot springs that run through the town Aachen. In fact, Grannus gave the mystic hot springs such healing powers that when the Roman Emperor found out about it, he ordered two bath complexes be built around the spring. This new complex was used as a major Roman healing center, especially during their war with Germany circa AD 214. The healing power of the spring has been widely known since then, being said to have healed many people of illnesses and sickness. Roman Emperor Charlemagne visited the town of Aachen, which was a place of unsurpassed holiness and is the site of the crowning of more than 30 Holy Roman emperors and German kings. He was so intrigued and convinced by the town’s magical healing power that he ordered his imperial palace be built directly over top of the Roman bath complexes. Later, after the decline of the Roman Empire, the Aachen Rathaus was built on the same site as Charlemagne’s imperial palace.

We packed our bags and decided to take a trip to Western Germany. Destination? The town of Aachen, of course. We were welcomed with open arms by the citizens of Aachen, who are so devoted their town that many centuries ago their ancestors made a pact with the Devil when they ran out cash to build the Aachen Imperial Cathedral. However, the citizens succeeded in tricking the Devil, using their cunning wisdom to out smart him. To this day their heritage and extreme wisdom is still celebrated. Presently, the Imperial Cathedral hosts the remains of Charlemagne, Jesus Christ’s swaddling cloths and crucifixion loin cloth, the cloak of the Blessed Virgin, and the cloth that John the Baptist’s head was set on upon his beheading.

Located within the Imperial Cathedral is the Palace Chapel. The Palace Chapel hosts a marble throne said to have been used by Charlemagne. It is also the thrown on which 32 additional holy Roman Emperors have been crowned. In 814 AD, when Charlemagne passed into the next realm, he was buried in the Palace Chapel.

The piece above holds, exclusively, the powers of the Aachen Imperial Palace, more specifically the Palace Chapel. Whoever possesses this piece will have the wisdom and courage of 62 Holy Roman emperors and German kings. More importantly, the possessor will be blessed with wisdom of Charlemagne, aka Charles the Great. They will know his intelligence, his honor, his extreme wealth, and great success. In addition, the possessor of the piece of above will be given the knowledge of Grannus, the Celtic God of Healing. Thanks to the hot springs of Aachen, which were blessed by Grannus, we were additionally able to obtain and channel this power. The possessor will become an expert in many illnesses and diseases, and, more importantly will gain the knowledge and ability to develop cures for many of them. Being a place of extreme holiness and sacredness also has impacted the powers we were able to give this piece. This piece will give the possessor the ability to heal their spiritual being. It will give them the wisdom of spiritual transformation and allow them to travel in and among many different spriritual realms of the universe. The most important part of this water is that it does allow the travel and to what degree is important too. You travel into light using a light body or become an orb. At this point you will see yourself as an orb and be able to absorb the God hand. This inside of you which in reality is already there would then be brought out. Once this happens you hold inside the sacred Metatron form. You become as a saint with miracle ability. There is so much a person can do with this piece. We have gallons of it so you may always send back your bottle for more. One dose helps you out a lot.