Strangled for Beauty/F*

Strangled for Beauty/F*

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Samuel Filmore was a tall, dark, and handsome business man who would introduce himself to women under a false name and claim that he worked for a modeling agency. He would approach women that he thought were beautiful and offer them an opportunity to model for his agency.

The women would be excited about the praise of their beauty and would be ecstatic about the chance to make good money. One woman was approached at the grocery store and took the mans "business card." After calling Sam and getting more information about the modeling job, she gave Sam her address to come over and take some headshots.

The woman lived alone in a small apartment, she willingly let Sam in when he arrived. He almost immediately attacked the woman and after raping her, strangled her to death! At the time of her attack the woman was wearing a bracelet that she bought from a Gypsy. It has been blessed with the ability to fortune tell --- the woman had just started wearing the piece that day and had a feeling that something was going to happen to her, but didn't get the full ability of the message before it was too late!

This bracelet was bought at an estate sale and holds the fortune telling abilities that were granted to it many years ago. You have to work with this piece to learn the full ability of the realm of psychic sensitivity that it holds.

Besides the power that the Gypsy granted the bracelet, you also will be able to embody the spirit of rage and revenge that the deceased woman let within the piece. If you are looking for strength and guidance to proclaim your place in this world, then this is the piece for you!

You will learn how to tell the future and understand when those around you are misleading you with their words and actions --- you also will be able to use the abilities to make those who have ridiculed you pay for their actions~

Walk with your head held high and understand what is going to happen around you, and help make the past become a mere memory that is filled with delight! This is a great piece for those who have been harmed and hurt in past relationships and want their ex's to pay --- you can use the deceased womans spirit to endure grief and heartache to those who have hurt you, while being able to forecast future heartaches before they even happen~

Note* - This bracelet can be used by both women and men!! This was also a bracelet to bring about what you wanted in life and wealth. Originally this was made by a soldier for his girlfriend. Later it found it's way into the hands of a Gypsy who worked her magic on it. This piece is rare as it is what is called war jewerly,they used what they could find to make the pieces. Many collect this type of stuff but because of the magical ability we need to state that so no one is caught off guard.