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I have a friend of mine who works with the Goetia power tunnel and he came in to contact with a very powerful spirit, who he later passed on to me last year.

This is an extremely interesting spirit of a mighty Duke who appears in the form of a soldier, often on a horse. His eyes appear red that flicker and his face is ruddy with a lion like appearance, and his voice is gravely or even hoarse but with a commanding confident tone that is hard to describe.

His knowledge of Astronomy is outstanding and he will share his knowledge with you if you so desire. He also has a strong connection with powers from other life forms all over the universe and will bring about a mantra that will enable you to transform and receive these powers if you wish to do so.

PLEASE NOTE!! - This is not a Demonic being! This item has been tested, tested and retested to make sure of this due to the appearance he has.

The Duke is an excellent spirit!

Nothing I am selling is for entertainment purposes!!!!!