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As we age our senses begin to dissipate. This is something that no one likes, but can be really bad for people with certain jobs.

Children have a better sense of smell than adults, dogs have a better sense of smell than children, and bears have the best sense of smell of all.

It is noted that bears can smell food in the air from 15 or more miles away -- and they use their sniff skills to pinpoint rotting flesh that is buried in caverns or underground.

If you cannot smell, or taste, whether due to aging, smoking, or other factors then this is the piece for you!

This item has been invoked using follicles of the membrane of a bear and will induce the strength in smell upon you.

You can stop sensing smells that are unappealing by simply thinking of fresh air and breathing in... so do not worry about the thought of smelling nasty things!

This is a great piece to help you if you have a job where you need to ensure the quality of things, through the sense of smell, or taste; as they go in hand... one with the other -- so you will also gain better taste bud quality --- utilizing the majority that you have because without this empowerment you are only using a portion that we are given due to the comoponal re-tributes in the air.