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When most people think of evil they think of curses and demons. They forget that there is so much out there that we don't know about because of whatever culture we are in. The Ekimmu comes from Assyria where many things come from because of how much magic is there.

This creature is a little like a Djinn but is not good in any kind of way. You don't have to be from Assyria to have one of these attached to you. I'm going to give you a short list of things they do and how you may feel.

First of all they attach themselves to you and cause you to feel strange or odd and not like other people. They will cause a hard life and people don't understand you. Jobs and wealth,health and good family relations are hard to have. Relationships won't work out and even depression can set in.

This piece causes a reflection of the aura and soul and will hypnotize them so that your body will naturally cast them off.

If you have tried all other things then give this a try and we have used it on 4 other people who could not get cured any other way and it worked right then and there with no more problems.