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Do you know what the smoke is that comes from incense? When using the incense in a ritual it is called the Axis Mundi. If you have spirits in your home with out a vessel or want to take one spirit and move it to another vessel this does the trick with no hassle. Lets say you have a ring that you find ugly but it holds a super powerful being,take this incense and place it on a dish with the ring it is in now and on the other side the items you want the spirit to go in and it will be done after the incense is finished burning. WOW that was one hell of a run in sentence! Either way you get the idea. This can be used on creature spirits,earth spirits and anything else you need to transfer. This incense is made just for that! We have them in all types of scents so if you order today and then need more next week you may get a different scent. This is something we have been working on for a few months and it is now perfected!!!

You will get three sticks and they may be different scents so you have variety. I LOVE these and will be using more of them tonight because I have a few broken pieces that are so powerful I can't give them up or toss them because they are mostly ancient magic a few of them are older then dirt djinns and one is a wealth only ex djinn king,I'm not tossing them because they are broken. You will be thrilled and even if you have a huge vessel you can transfer it to jewelry.