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While in Cape May Tomer empowered several pieces, as did Michael. Following his transformation he was energized with the powers of the beginning of his journey. His follicle energies utilized a few items ad then Tomer later strengthened them with his touch as well.

All items have been tested and are strong and powerful~!

This is the piece that was originally done for Frank's friend -- but then we needed to change the specifics of her piece, so we implemented a new one -- so this is available for you!

This holds the invoking of an ancient spell that will impute jealousy to contribute changing factors and forces that are within the world.

There are beautiful things to come in the world and you want to be protected and have purity to integrate the ailments of re-birth into your life.

Those being attacked and have negative energies within will be impaled with assurance of security with this grandeur piece.

This is set in sterling silver~