The Ancient Seals of Mohenjo Daro/S

The Ancient Seals of Mohenjo Daro/S

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Situated in what is not present-day Pakistan was the ancient city of Mohenjo Daro. Located on the banks of both the Ghaggar-Hahra and Indus river, the city, inhabited by the Harrapan civilization, was a place of great wealth-- an ancient agricultural, commercial, and political epicenter. At it’s peak, the city could have boasted more than 5 million inhabitants.

The first trace of the city of Mohenjo Daro can be dated back to 3500 BC, with its most thriving period being between 2600 and 1900 BC. In 1922, the remains of this grandiose city were discovered, the bones of the previous inhabitants scattered throughout. The manner in which the remains were discovered suggests a sudden almost tragic ending to the civilization. How, then, does an entire civilization just cease to exist? I wanted answers, so I decided to take a little “vacation” to Pakistan to do some investigating.

Before I left I conducted research as a means of gaining a little more understanding of the area. At the junction of the rivers Ghaggar-Hahra and Indus, was constructed a magnificent, sacred citadel. All that’s left currently are ruins. However, in the citadel were discovered stone tablets (known as seals), donning ancient manuscripts, engravings of animals, and engravings of anthropomorphic beings, believed to be Gods that the civilization worshipped. People have made claims to know what the seals mean, but officially, the meanings of the seals are yet to be uncovered. That is, until we show up.

Upon my arrival, I was given a tour of the ruins by a few working historians. I, with my group of investigators, set up camp a few hundred feet away from the ruins, and prepared to spend the night there. I did this as to gain a better connection with the area, and thus a better understanding of the past inhabitants of this area. None of us were prepared for what happened that night, though.

Sometime after midnight, but definitely before 3AM things really kicked into gear. I was awakened by a light so bright, I thought it must’ve been noontime. This was no daylight, though; in fact, the whole ruin of the sacred citadel was aglow-- a fierce greenish-yellow color. I ran over to check it out and as I got closer my chest got heavy and I was overcome with a great sense of depression a sorrow… a great feeling of defeat and despair. I kept on and when I got close enough to reach out and touch the ruins, I was thrown into convulsions, followed by state in which I was comatose and received a vision from the Gods of Mohenjo Daro.

As the story goes, the Aryan civilization was very jealous and angered by the gifts of good fortune bestowed to the Harrapan Civilization. They set up shrines to their Gods, begging them for the same blessings as the Harrapans. Their Gods heard their prayers and helped them prepare a vast army for a surprise attack on the Harrapans.

When the Harrapans Gods caught wind of what was going on, they went to their people in the night and they warned their people to get ready for the attack; however, the Harrapans, a peaceful people, had no means of defeating such a vast army on such a short notice. The Harrapan Gods took pity on their people and blessed the sacred people with a rare power-- a power typically only beheld by the Gods themselves. The people of Mohenjo Daro were given the exclusive astral power to infuse their spirits with the spirits of the animals around them, as a means of escaping their, otherwise gruesome fate. They prayed to their Gods for courage and left their incarnate bodies, whatever the location, never to return again. As for the Aryans? They got what they wanted, the City of Mohenjo Daro, but not before the Harrapan Gods cursed it, eventually leading to the city’s flooding, agriculture in productivity, and its downfall.

When I woke up from my trance, my team had already sprung into action, channeling the power into the piece that is herein exhibited and one other piece that I keep for myself as a tribute to Harrapan Civilization. We took the powers that we collected for a test drive-- this piece is an exciting one and the results follow. Whoever holds this piece will gain the ability of the Gods of Mohenjo Daro-- they will be able to travel in and out of the astral plane of the Gods, as they are all interrelated. They will we be given the power to see the future and to change it. Whoever possesses this piece will be given the powers of the Ancient Seals of Mohenjo Daro, The secret code of the seals will give you the directions, and ultimately the power to infuse your spirit with any animal of your choosing. You will be able to take on the entity of that animal and return to your human body at your own will.