The Fair Folks of Tylwyth Teg

The Fair Folks of Tylwyth Teg

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The above piece was given to me by a collector that I met in Kansas, while at a convention. He said that the piece gave him the ability to travel through mystical realms-- realms that could bestow magical powers to anybody to enters them. He has a few more pieces similar to this one, so he didn’t mind passing it on to me. I was particularly excited by the piece and as soon as I returned from my convention I began my investigation into the piece to determine its powers and whether they were real or belied.

With the help of a few of my team members, I began my process. I wasn’t sure how the piece worked, as I wasn’t given specific directions, but with the help of Vic, one of our spiritual medium experts, we were able to determine the proper procedure. Just after sundown, light three candles, lay the piece directly in front of the candles. The candlelight will cause the piece to glow, casting its glow upon the otherwise dark room. If you allow the glow to encompass your physical being, you will be granted the ability of traveling to a dimensional realm that hasn’t been accessible to humankind for millennia. You see, the portal was shut off to humans because in the past they exploited the mystical creatures of this realm for their magical power.

After we discovered the method of opening up the gateway to the dimensional realm, named Tylwyth Teg, I figured I might as well check it out. When I arrived on the other side, the creatures that inhabited the realm, know as the Fair Folk, seemed bewildered and amazed that I was there. After I convinced them that I came in peace, in search of the knowledge of their realm, the agreed to let me stay for awhile.

The Fair Folk live in a secret realm under the Prydain Mountains in a series of tunnels, caves, and mines. Now accessible to no one, their realm was once accessible to all via a series of tunnels or by swimming to the bottom of the Black Lake. The Fair Folk, a mixed race of dwarves, fairies, and sprites, thrive in their own realm now, after years of being exploited by the human race. They are miners of magical jewels, sorcerers of mystical white powers, exhibit the powers of invisibility. Their realm is nothing short of extraordinary. The stones and metals that they mine are so beautiful and magical that materials that humankind may relish, such as gold, diamond, and emeralds, are used in the streets of their underground passageways. The creatures themselves are numinous and striking in appearance, some waddling to and fro, some flying in the air above, some gallivanting in the jewel-laden streets.

As their story goes, they once formed an alliance with the humans, after their realm was overtaken by Arawn the Death Lord who held all the powers of black magic. After defeating the Dark Lord, the Fair People gifted the High Queen of Prydain with a magical gemstone that held great powers; however, the gemstone fell into the hands of an evil wizard, who exploited the Fair People for their powers and even turned some of them into animals. Thanks to the help of a brave young human warrior, however, the Fair People were able to reclaim the gemstone and its powers. They used these powers to seal up all entrances to their realm, so it could no longer be reached… until now.

After seeing that I wasn’t predatory or harmful, Eiddileg, King of the Fair People, decided that I must be a person of great power, seeing as I was able to defy the magic that had sealed their realm from the rest of the world. Being truly humbled by my presence, they insisted on gifting me with magical powers. They bestowed upon me all the ancient capabilities and knowledge of white magic. They gave me the ability to shied my existence, both spiritual and physical, with the power of invisibility. I was given the ability to transform into a Fair Folk sprite, giving me the capability to fly as well as the magical abilities of sending my life force into a foreign being and casting white magic spells. I was given all the mystical powers beheld by all of the magical gemstones and precious metals of Tylwyth Teg. With these powers I was able to discover brand-new realms across multiple dimensions. I was able to make contact with entirely new life forms and also obtain their powers. In the piece above, I have relocated the power that was bestowed upon me from Eiddileg, Kind of the Fair Folks in the land of Tylwyth Teg. You be given all the abilities, as described above, as well as the ability to travel through the portal between our world and Tylwyth Teg.

Pieces like this are my favorite so I often do the testing on them. It is hard to comprehend how many multi-dimensions there are. I think this is one of my fabvorites though as they have access to places that even existed here on this realm,ancient halls of records,bio-thermal spirit cap stones, hologram humans with feelings that are both here and in other realms both existing. My mind has been blown with this piece and not because of smoking crack. I never have smoked crack but I tell you what,this piece just does it for all of us. Can you even seen the beauty of it? This is in sterling silver and so ornate and well done. Who cares because what you want is what it can do.