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Sector 4

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There exists in the United States, an independent secret society so great that the only way to their headquarters is through a vast network of underground tunnels and passage ways, miles under Earth’s surface. The group is made up of top officials from the military, CIA, NSA, FBI, Secret Service, the Rockefeller family and other major socialites. If you are chosen to become part of this secret society, then that is it… you are chosen. The consequence of refusing the society, and the only way to separate your self from the society once your in, is death . The society’s headquarters, known simply as “Sector 4”, is located deep under the city of Phoenix, Arizona. Up until now, this society has been kept a secret, and the only reason it is being uncovered is because one of its operatives is fed up with the unethical decisions the group is making and has decided to come forward. For fear of his life, the operative has request to remain anonymous.

See, it seems that when oil tycoon John D. Rockefeller was seeking out oil, he drilled up a little more than what he bargained for. It was a power that was channeled at the center of the Earth-- a power so great that Rockefeller decided that the human race just simply wasn’t ready for it. The power is the ability to control somebody’s mind from a far distance by telepathically transposing your thoughts into another’s mind. Once there, you can alter the way in which the individual’s brain communicates with their body. This allows you the ability to alter the actions of another, using their body as a vessel to carry out your own wishes instead of theirs. The term used for the process is remote mind control.

This unique ability comes from a rare type of gas that was found only in the state of Ohio in the United States and the existence of this gas has been discovered exactly… ONE time. When drilling for oil Rockefeller discovered this gas and the power that goes along with it. To obtain the power you have to liquefy the gas. Upon liquefaction of the natural gas, an object must be soaked in the liquid for thirty-six hours to possess the ultrahigh frequency that allows for mind interference and remote mind control. It also holds the power of remote mind assassination, by performing a biochemical process, in which, neurotransmitters in the brain are shut down at a rapid rate, reducing the amount of oxygen in the blood flow and eventually killing the subject all together.

The intent was to use the power to protect the American people and human race in general. However, in a time of greed and perverse intention, the power has fallen into the hands of folks who have malicious intentions. In fact, the source informed us, that the power was used for personal gain as far back the Kennedy assassination and as recently as the September 11 attacks, the War in Iraq, and the Mexican Drug Wars.

The appropriate government officials have been aptly notified and are currently waging a sort of psychological warfare against the fraternity that included some of their own highest ranking officials. The Fraternity and government officials have kept this ability a secret-- the Fraternity for fear that they may lose control of their given ability and the government for fear of mass hysteria and social upheaval. Our source says that the current American budget crisis is, in part, due to the fact that there are classified research programs going on to battle the Sector 4 bureaucracy. The US government is working in unison Israeli, Russian, Chinese, and even Iranian officials to overthrow Sector. Our country remains on the brink of a post-modern civil war.

The good news in all of this is that our source has provided us with one of the original pieces to be energized with this exclusive power, barely making it out of Sector 4 HQ alive. We have frantically searched for ways of replicating the procedure discovered by the oil mogul. We were successful transfusing the energy from the piece given to us to other pieces The power has remained the same and as powerful., exhibiting the powers of remote mind control, as well as remote mind assassination. We currently have these pieces available.

In addition, with the assistance of a recently recruited para-neurologist, we have been able to develop our own cutting edge technology that is now available. We have developed a piece, that when carried, will shield your mind from such attacks. The piece reacts with the energy of your body and the chemicals in your brain to for a neurological shield. It will slow down the process of mind invasion, if not alter the attackers ability all together. Our source has neither been able to confirm nor deny whether or not Sector 4 has been successful in attempts of mass remote mind control or assassination. He has confirmed that Sector 4 has a reserved force of professionals working on number of projects handling the subject. (On a side note, our source did speculate that perhaps this is how Barack Obama has been voted into office)

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